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Our pillow guide suits every style of sleeper, with body pillows, down pillows, and feather pillows — plus our exclusive new organic latex pillows. Find the comfy, hypoallergenic pillow to complete your organic bed.

Natural Down + Feather

Typically known for its lush cloud-like experience, down is the fluffiest, most insulating fill option and holds up better than synthetic fills. While, feathers provide more firmness and excellent support. We source all of our feather and down products in the USA from an Indiana duck farm, where the birds are humanely raised and the farm is audited against well-being guidelines and strict standards.

Down Pillow

Airy and light, our down pillow is incredibly soft. It has wonderful loft, but since it’s filled with 100% down, it will also compress under the weight of your head.

  • Soft support
  • Ideal for stomach or side sleepers

Two Coyuchi down pillows side by sideTwo Coyuchi down pillows side by side

Down + Feather Pillow

Our Feather/Down Pillow is supportive and plush. This pillow is divided internally into three sections—the center is filled with an 80% feather/20% down mix that provides structure, while the sides are filled with pure down for cushy softness.

  • Medium/firm support
  • Great for back or side sleepers
Close-up photo of our down pillow fillingClose-up photo of our down pillow filling

Organic Latex

Latex is a great alternative to traditional down or synthetic fillers. Unique to us, each pillow is protected by a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, and filled with naturally derived, GOLS-certified organic dunlop latex foam. GOLS ensures the factory follows a traceable path of environmentally and ethically sound practices from beginning to end.

Top and bottom view of the Turiya organic latex pillow by CoyuchiTop and bottom view of the Turiya organic latex pillow by Coyuchi

Turiya™ Organic Latex Pillow

Supportive and extraordinarily comfortable. Our Turiya Pillow is designed with three unique indentations for the head and ears to alleviate pressure on the face, and help align the spine so your airways stay open while you sleep.

  • Soft/medium support
  • Great for back or side sleepers
Stack of Organic Latex PillowsStack of Organic Latex Pillows

Organic Latex Molded Pillow

Soft and resilient, our Organic Latex Molded pillow gives you even comfort across the pillow. Thanks to its natural spring, the latex will hold its shape for many years.

  • Soft support
  • Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers
Organic Latex Pillow with shredded stuffingOrganic Latex Pillow with shredded stuffing

Organic Shredded Latex Pillow

You can scrunch and mold this pillow to your ideal sleep shape and it will stay lofty, unlike poly-filled pillows that go flat or down pillows that need fluffing.

  • Can remove/rearrange fill for custom support
  • Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers
overhead of the Organic Latex Body Pillowoverhead of the Organic Latex Body Pillow

Organic Latex Body Pillow

For full body comfort, our organic latex pillow offers soft and resilient support so you can sleep more peacefully. Placing the pillow between your arms and legs relieves strain on the shoulder and hip joints, resulting in fewer aches and pains. Pregnant women especially benefit from extra support to help prevent back pain.

  • Full body comfort
  • Great for anyone who wants extra support for shoulders/hips/back

Sustainable Packaging

These thoughtfully made pillows are also thoughtfully packaged. All of our pillows come in reusable fabric bags that are perfect for traveling or storing when needed.

Protecting Your Pillow

We recommend using a pillow protector to extend the life and appearance of our pillows. The pillow protector can be easily removed and washed frequently.

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30 Day Trial

We want you to have a perfect nights rest, so if your pillow isn't right for you, you can return within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Even if it's been washed or worn.