Warmer Days Ahead

Everything you need to lighten your layers.

Meet Nitsa

Summer is the prime time to lighten up your layers with organic linen or cotton and introduce soft, coastal blues as a cooling counterpoint to the heat of of the season. Inviting organic elements into every room of the home provides a soothing summer reset.

To showcase these natural wonders, we’ve partnered with wellness expert Nitsa Citrine, the Creative Director of Sun Potion ® , where health, happiness and well-being are fostered through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs. Get to know Nitsa, and explore her home full of tips for organic wellness and well-appointed design.
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With 2nd Home™, we will take the Coyuchi linens you’re finished with and recycle or upcycle them, giving them a much-deserved second chance.
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Our circular subscription program that keeps used linens out of landfills.
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