Organic Shredded Latex Pillow

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Harvested by tapping trees, organic Dunlop latex naturally transforms your sleep experience. This renewable, chemical-free, and compostable foam is naturally breathable and resistant to common irritants like mold, mildew, and dust mites. We encased these fluffy shreds of naturally hypoallergenic latex in an interior layer of jersey knit cotton, followed by a removable pillow protector in densely woven, 400 thread count sateen. Both covers are made from premium organic cotton and secure with side zippers.

The resilience and durability of shredded latex allows you to scrunch and shape each pillow to suit your preference. You can customize your support even further by unzipping the inner cover to rearrange or remove the fill.

Shredded vs Molded Latex: Shredded latex imitates the loft of a traditional down pillow, without going flat or needing constant fluffing. The fill is more malleable and adjustable, and your head will sink more deeply into the pillow. To create more support, you’ll need to stack pillows or fold them over. Molded latex pillows are more resilient and supportive—one is all you need. The contoured insert feels smooth, supporting your head in soft, even comfort that retains its shape for years to come.


    Switching from Down to Latex? The support of these two materials feels very different. Plan on an adjustment period of several nights to get used to the resilient softness of your new pillow.

    • Removable pillow protector is made of a densely woven, 400 thread count organic cotton sateen
    • Inner, non-removable pillow cover is made of organic cotton jersey knit
    • Pillow fill and shell are made in Sri Lanka
    • GOLS + GOTS certified 
    • Visit our pillow guide to learn what type of pillow is best for you.


    Coyuchi was founded with the vision of creating the highest quality products, while minimizing the impact to the planet. For more than 30 years, we have been the global leader in sustainable design, certified-organic fiber sourcing, and creation of luxury home textiles untainted by pesticides or toxic chemicals. Each Coyuchi piece represents our unwavering commitment to nurture the earth and provide our customers with the ultimate in luxury, comfort, sustainability and style.

    Product Care

    Ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your latex pillows by taking proper care and using protective measures. 

    • After removing the sateen pillow protector, spot clean the latex as needed. Be sure that the pillow is completely dry before use. Do not place a latex pillow in the sun or in the dryer.
    • For cleaning pillow protectors, either hand or machine wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle to preserve their quality. Use non-chlorine bleach as needed. Line dry or tumble dry low, warm iron as needed.

    To further nurture your latex products and our planet, consider using a plant-based detergent without bleach or whiteners, and reaching for wool dryer balls in lieu of softeners or dry sheets. Always shield your latex pillows from direct contact with body oils by utilizing a pillow protector.