Full Circle Blanket Press Release


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - October 19, 2020 - Coyuchi, the leader in sustainable home textiles since 1991, announced today it is the first brand in the home industry to achieve full circularity through the development of its Full Circle Recycled Cotton Blanket & Throw, a product crafted from 52% of its own recycled Coyuchi cotton and 48% organically grown material. Production on the blanket, which Coyuchi announced had begun in April, has been completed and is available now to order. 

While no single industry roadmap to circularity exists, the brand determined the pathway to a closed loop that best fit Coyuchi’s unique needs would be to recollect its own products from customers and produce something new from them. For Coyuchi, innovation in textiles has always meant being responsible for every single thing it puts out into the world, and it is proud to provide the industry with the first prototype for how this can be achieved.

“Coyuchi is proud to blaze a trail for full circularity for others to learn from,” says Eileen Mockus, Coyuchi CEO & President. “The Full Circle Blanket is the first proof of concept that circularity is achievable in textiles, and beyond. We hope this work reflects the growing desire from consumers to make climate-conscious purchase decisions, and a successfully tested pathway for other companies to scale their own circularity.” 


This circular mission began only three years ago when customers expressed a desire for a way to recycle the Coyuchi brand items that no longer had a place in their home. The company responded with the creation of its proprietary takeback program Coyuchi 2nd Home Take Back, which offers customers 15% off their next purchase in exchange for sending back used Coyuchi products using prepaid shipping. The used products go through a thorough inspection and CO2 cleaning process via The Renewal Workshop, then what can be mended is released through the brand’s 2nd Home Renewed Label, The remaining fabric that doesn’t pass the inspection process contributes to the supply of Coyuchi-brand recycled yarn fibers, spun by Recover, for the Full Circle Recycled Blanket and Throw, as well as future recycled products. 

Since Coyuchi began collecting its products back from customers in 2017, the company has taken back 34,694 lbs (approximately 3,000 units) of product:

  • 83% of the product we have received from our customers can be mended, cleaned and resold in our store.
  • The remaining 17% can be recycled and contributes to the supply of recycled Coyuchi yarn fibers
  • Around 6,000 lbs of product has been renewed and resold year-to-date

Since beginning its partnership with The Renewal Workshop only three years ago, Coyuchi’s impact-to-date has resulted the equivalent of:

  • The energy of 2,532 light bulbs per year
  • The carbon of 2,166 gallons of gas
  • The water of 25 Olympic swimming pools
  • 36,475 lbs of toxic chemicals saved 
  • 34,694 lbs of textile waste diverted from landfill 


For Coyuchi, the journey to circularity began when it was founded in 1991 with a commitment to delivering the highest possible standard of luxury textiles while maintaining the integrity of organic cotton’s natural fibers. This commitment is emulated through the certification of Coyuchi’s cotton products with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the top certification for ecologically and socially responsible practices throughout every step in the supply chain of textiles. 

Due to GOTS adherence to a strict set of rules ensuring the welfare of the materials, the environment, and the working conditions of every human involved along the way, Coyuchi can be certain the used products it takes back from its customers were organically grown and responsibly processed. With this in mind, Coyuchi developed a circular business model to meet its own unique needs: in order for the loop to maintain all the same standards to which it holds its new products, the company determined it would start by collecting and recycling Coyuchi brand products, exclusively. 

Thus, the Full Circle Recycled Cotton Blanket & Throw were born. 


Coyuchi is well known for its commitment to organic, but also for its beautiful, coastal-inspired designs, so it was important that the brand create something recycled, but also that it aligned with the soft, cozy, luxurious feel customers have come to expect. That’s why the blanket is Global Recycle Standard Certified, and has a brushed finish that adds softness to the intricately woven variations in pattern and texture, which are natural in organic cotton. Full Circle was also created without using any new dyes and the beautiful grey color is produced by the recycled inputs alone. 

 A strong commitment to high-quality materials, timeless designs, and neutral colors also contribute to Coyuchi’s impact on the planet. When a product maintains its functionality and style, it stands the test of time and has the potential to belong to customers for the rest of their lives. However, Coyuchi products go beyond timelessness by providing a way for customers to give them a new life through 2nd Home. 

To learn more about Coyuchi’s circular initiatives, please visit our website: https://www.coyuchi.com/pages/circular-initiatives


Since 1991, Coyuchi has been crafting the finest, coastal-inspired organic bedding, sheets, towels, apparel, and more for a clean, environmentally conscious home. We intend to change the way people think about buying home textiles by providing transparency, product innovation, and practices that limit harm to the environment and the people who live in it. Transparency means being open about our supply chain, fiber, chemistry, and safety. We are product innovators with a commitment to organic, regenerative, and circular practices that serve the planet and its people. We see ourselves as disruptors in the way home textiles are made and activists for a cleaner and safer planet.