Take Back Program

Send back your old Coyuchi linens via a pre-paid shipping label for 15% off your next order—and the peace of mind that your linens won’t end up in a landfill. 


Our Solution: Circular Textiles

Compared to the traditional retail model, we strive to recycle and upcycle our linens at the end of their life.

Coyuchi linens being washed in the renewal processCoyuchi linens being washed in the renewal process

Our Renewal Process

No one wants to see their much-loved linens in a landfill. That’s why the first step is determining if the product should be renewed, upcycled, or recycled — never thrown away. If it’s renewable, the linens are sent to be cleaned in the least wasteful and most effective way: with liquid CO2, which removes oils, particulates, and odors. They are then repackaged and labeled for sale as “renewed” product, and go on to bring comfort to another happy home.

If the item cannot be renewed, the material is upcycled into something new. If the material is too damaged to be used again, it is aggregated for recycling. Textile recycling is new to the home market, so Coyuchi is contributing research to a pilot program that addresses this growing need.

Where To Shop 2nd Home

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of 2nd Home Renewed, our line of products that are recollected from our Take Back program, then cleaned, mended, and resold. 2nd Home Renewed has been available exclusively through a pilot program in Coyuchi’s Point Reyes Station store since 2017. Now we are broadening access to these renewed products through our new online store.

Coyuchi Point Reyes storeCoyuchi Point Reyes store

Ready to Give Your Linens a Second Home?