How to build your organic bed

1. Organic Mattress

Made from non-toxic materials—no petroleum products, adhesives or bonding agents—a certified organic mattress is healthier for you and for the planet. Look for one that meets federal flammability standards, without the use of toxic flame-retardant chemicals.

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2. Mattress Protector or Pad

Helps protect against spills and stains. The protector can be laundered, while your mattress can’t, so this is an essential layer for keeping your bed fresh and clean. It's also an extra layer of natural comfort between you and the synthetic materials most mattresses are made of.

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3. Sheets

Since this is the layer that touches your skin, it’s the most important of all. Coyuchi's GOTS-certified organic cotton sheets are available in percale, sateen, jacquard, flannel and jersey, so you can easily find bedding to suit your preference or the season. Our white sheets are made without chlorine bleach and our colors come from low-impact, non-toxic dyes. Consult our Sheet Guide to help you choose.

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4. Duvet & Cover

Start with an insert made with an organic cotton shell plumped with ultra-clean down, certified-organic cotton or natural wool. Then add a washable organic cotton cover to increase the life of your duvet and let you change the look of your bed any time. Cleanly processed and dyed with low-impact pigments, ours are GOTS certified.

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5. Pillows & Shams

Choose all-down inserts if you like your pillows soft, down-and-feather blend if you prefer firmer support (and for shams). Either way, ours have ultra-clean fill encased in down-proof organic cotton shells. Add our washable, GOTS-certified organic cotton pillow protectors, to keep your pillows fresh and clean and discourage dust mites.

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6. Decorative Pillows

Add extra color and comfort to the bed. Ours are made with organic cotton and other natural materials and plumped with kapok, a downy fiber harvested from the seedpods of the ceiba, or kapok, tree. It’s fluffy, resilient, hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew and mites.

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7. Blanket or Throw

Under the duvet for an extra layer of warmth. On top to drape over chilly feet or snuggle under for a nap. On its own for warmer seasons or warm sleepers. Check out our Blanket Guide to find the perfect weight and fiber for your organic bed.

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8. Quilt

Add warmth and comforting weight with a quilt made from organic cotton, inside and out. More traditional than a duvet, quilts are a wonderful way to add color and texture to the bed. Produced without toxic dyes or finishes, ours are GOTS certified.

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