Find A Duvet Insert That Suits Your Sleep Style

Find A Duvet Insert That Suits Your Sleep Style

Cayla Zelanis

If you look forward to slipping under the lightweight warmth of full and lofty covers at the end of the day, then you’re probably a duvet person. We craft ours from premium organic fibers and responsibly sourced fillings, so the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in is yours to craft, with a few simple steps.

What Is a Duvet?

Getting into bed with a duvet feels like you’re floating amongst the clouds. This fluffy feeling comes from the duvet insert, a downy filling that goes inside of your duvet cover. Like a pillow in a pillow case, the duvet insert—which is often shortened to just duvet—adds loft and warmth to the top of your bed.

Duvets are made with two components: the outer shell and the fill inside. All of our down inserts are sourced from a single supplier in the USA, which reduces our environmental footprint and provides a traceable and transparent relationship with our supplier. They use humane and sustainable practices to produce the highest quality, hypoallergenic down fill, which is then encased in a down-proof, GOTS-certified organic cotton shell.

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Our down duvets use stitch-through box construction to keep the fill evenly distributed, unlike traditional baffle box construction, which has thin, three-dimensional boxes sewn into the duvet that can break down and go lumpy. Listen in to our Design Director, Whitney, as she describes the difference:

I love how the details of our inserts help them maintain their integrity over time. We use a stitch-through construction instead of a baffle box because it lasts longer and keeps the down in place. When I replaced my old duvet with ours, I could see where the down had shifted to the sides as the baffle box construction broke down, keeping me less warm. This will never happen with our inserts. We also double stitch the edge to give it extra security on the sides.

Down is the most common filling for a duvet, though down-alternatives are also a popular choice for those with allergies and skin sensitivities. Our Climate Beneficial Wool Duvet Insert is thinner and heavier than your average down duvet, and it’s filled with wool that supports nearby Northern California ranchers who actively combat climate change through their use of carbon farming practices.

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Another lightweight, natural alternative to down is our Diamond-Stitched Organic Cotton Comforter. It has loops in each corner where you can secure your duvet cover, and it’s made with 100% organic cotton—filling included. You’ll never find synthetic fills or fibers in our duvet inserts, unlike many down-alternatives that use polyester (aka: petroleum). Ours rely on the breathability of natural materials like down, wool, and cotton, which can absorb moisture and allow your body to breathe, so you can sleep comfortably through the night.

Which Weight Is Right For You?

Lightweight Down Duvet Insert

A lighter variation of our Three Season Insert, this insert is designed for hot sleepers, warm climates, and those who simply prefer the modern look and feel of a bed with less volume. 

Three Season Down Duvet Insert

This lightweight, lofty, and perfectly cozy layer is ideal for year round use. It’s a warm, fluffy option for spring through fall, and can be layered with a blanket in winter for excellent temperature control. 

Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert

The warmest of our down duvet inserts, this option is soft and lofty—keeping you warm on the coldest nights. The extra filling also means it feels heavier, which can add calming properties to help you fall asleep.