What is a Duvet Cover?

What is a Duvet Cover?

Cayla Zelanis

Duvet covers give you the opportunity to express your personal style through different colors and patterns that coordinate with the overall aesthetic of your room. If the insert was the pillow, the duvet cover is the pillowcase. Once you choose your duvet insert, you can start picking out a duvet cover that suits your space and the way you sleep. 

Duvet covers also protect your insert from wear and tear. Because they’re removable, you can easily wash them to keep your space feeling fresh, and switch them out between seasons. Each duvet cover is outfitted with one side that opens, where you can insert and attach your chosen duvet with ties, buttons, or zippers—we use coconut shell buttons and interior ties to ensure your insert doesn’t slide around. Additionally, our lighter weight duvets feature an interior flap that prevents the insert from falling through the button spacing.

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Choosing the Fabric and Pattern

The fabric you choose for your duvet cover can have a major impact on your comfort—and all of ours are made from 100% certified organic fibers. Some weaves are designed to keep you warm and toasty, while others will help to keep you cool.In addition to the feel of the materials, this is your chance to add visual interest to your space. Our designs reflect our founder's devotion to her craft as a weaver and textile artist, so each fabric and pattern we develop is unique to us and made to complement every Coyuchi collection, past and present. We pull inspiration from unexpected places, like the lines and shapes carved out by our coastline and the forgotten weaving techniques of mid-century textile artists. A full range of textural weaves and yarn-dyed patterns give our items an artistry that feels uniquely true to our heritage, and right at home in your bedroom.

If you like small, geometric patterns—try a dobby weave, as seen in our Rippled Stripe Organic Duvet Cover. 

Or you prefer a textural pattern—try a jacquard weave, as seen in our Noe Organic Duvet Cover. 

If you like the simplicity of solids, keep reading...

Organic Cotton

We love GOTS-certified organic cotton for its versatility: the same fiber can be spun into fine or thick yarns, woven or knit, left smooth or brushed—and the results can vary from cool and crisp to warm and cozy.

Coolest option: Percale Duvet Cover

Organic cotton percale features a cooler feel that keeps warm sleepers comfortable in any climate, creating better airflow for those who are looking to avoid the discomfort of hot, humid nights. 

Slightly warmer than percale: Sateen Duvet Cover

Soft and comforting without the shiny look of other sateens, this washed and weighty cotton duvet cover is the perfect middle point between percale and flannel. 

Warmest and winter-ready: Flannel Duvet Cover

Our thick, organic cotton flannel is brushed many times to create an incredibly soft hand that will keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

Organic Linen 

Linen stands out for its extraordinary temperature-regulating properties, keeping you five times warmer than wool—and nineteen times warmer than silk. But its natural insulation also means that it keeps warm sleepers cool on humid nights, thanks to its superior adaptability to changes in body heat.

Perfect For Year Round Use: Linen Duvet Cover

Woven to a sturdy 185 gsm weight and garment washed for a relaxed hand, our organic linen is designed to withstand wash and wear, getting softer every time you wash them.