Staying Home

Your Sustainable Living Checklist

Protecting our neighbors from the harmful effects of climate change has always brought the Coyuchi community together, and now that camaraderie has united us all for another urgent cause. As people around the world hunker down in their homes in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, we encourage all of you to continue practicing the kindness and consideration we have come to appreciate from our people — in person and online — as we band together, even in isolation.
In the face of seclusion and rampant panic-shopping, Coyuchi would like to suggest some solutions for weathering the current circumstances without abandoning your organic, sustainable lifestyle. Extensive cleaning and sanitizing doesn’t have to be wasteful, and staying home can be a calming, peaceful escape amongst the chaos.
textured waffle organic kitchen towel on a tabletextured waffle organic kitchen towel on a table

1. Trade in the paper towels for fabric napkins and kitchen towels

As paper products fly off the shelves and into the carts of panicked shoppers, the Coyuchi team is sticking to the organic, zero waste alternative. Our organic cotton and linen napkins and kitchen towels stand up to excessive washing, so now is the perfect time to stock up on an extra set so you’re never left waiting on the laundry.

Coyuchi’s organic kitchen towels and napkins won’t just save you trips to the store in the short term — organic cotton and linen lead to long-term impact in the fight against climate change.

climate beneficial wool dryer ballsclimate beneficial wool dryer balls

2. More laundry, but make it clean and sustainable

All that extra cleaning and sanitizing means more laundry. Get it done the sustainable way by choosing a plant-based detergent that’s gentle on skin and easy on the environment. 

When it’s time to dry, either air dry or trade in those wasteful, toxin-filled dryer sheets for our handmade Climate Beneficial Wool dryer balls. They reduce static, cut drying time, and soften fabrics while supporting local ranches that utilize innovative Carbon Farming techniques (which actively draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and back into the soil).

woman sitting on bed wearing Women's Solstice Organic Boxy Tee and Joggerswoman sitting on bed wearing Women's Solstice Organic Boxy Tee and Joggers

3. Slip into something comfy

Whether you’re working from home or simply battling boredom, the dress code is: COMFY. Retire the office attire and embrace the unrivaled coziness of cotton in the softest organic robes and loungewear. Now is the time to wear pajama pants to your next meeting.

Cozy for now, and environmentally conscious for the future. Organic cotton is safer for your skin, and also healthier for the soil, air, and waterways of the world.

woman stretching in bed with Crinkled Percale beddingwoman stretching in bed with Crinkled Percale bedding

4. Create your own non-toxic sanctuary

Fill your safe space with truly clean, non-toxic comfort items. Home should be a sanctuary, and choosing GOTS certified organic sheets, blankets, and towels keeps you safe from the laundry list of harmful pesticides and chemicals that come with conventional textile production. Building your organic bed and bath with Coyuchi not only makes you feel warm and cozy (and maybe a little less bummed to be stuck at home), but it also protects your health and well-being — in your home and for the world at large.


Great things happen when we band together, so join us in self-isolating for the greater good, while still doing our part to protect the environment for today and the distant future.

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