Sustainability Checklist

Sustainability Checklist

Cayla Zelanis

Whether you’re well-versed in the lifestyles of the organic and climate-conscious, or you’re just dipping your toes into the plastic-free pond, there are plenty of simple swaps you can make in your daily life to leave a positive impact on the planet. We’ve gathered five of our favorite tips below, so you can join us in making a few sustainable switches of your own.

1. Invite organic into your home

Home should feel like your sanctuary, and nothing brings comfort quite like GOTS-certified organic sheetsblankets, and towels. Choosing organic linens helps to keep you and your family safe from the laundry list of harmful pesticides and synthetic additives that come with conventional textile production.

When you’re ready for something new, our first-of-its-kind 2nd Home Take Back™ program makes it easy to send back your used Coyuchi textiles, which we either renew and resell at our 2nd Home Renewed store or recycle into the home industry’s first ever fully circular product—a blanket made from the product that our own customers sent back to us. 

2. Build a plastic-free kitchen

Inspired by San Francisco’s sustainability efforts, we created Coyuchi Conserve: our new line of reusable kitchen items designed to replace one-and-done items with zero-waste alternatives made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

3. Switch to reusable bags

The next time you’re on a grocery run—in addition to your snack and produce bags from tip #2—don’t forget to bring your own tote. This is a great opportunity to utilize the reusable fabric bag that your Coyuchi order arrived in, or to bring your White Buffalo x Coyuchi Organic Crossbody Tote so you can shop hands-free while showing your support for regenerative agriculture.

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4. Slip into something comfy  

Cozy for now, and environmentally conscious for the future. Made in a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater, our Solstice Collection is crafted from GOTSFair Trade, and MADE SAFE®-certified organic cotton that’s safer for your skin, and healthier for the soil, air, and waterways of the world. Plus, it’s knit to feel like the natural softness of peach fuzz, so it will make you feel incredibly cozy.

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