Design Inspired By The Coast

Since 1991, Coyuchi has been drawing inspiration from the coastlines of California, crafting the finest organic bedding, sheets, towels, robes, apparel and more for a clean, environmentally conscious home.

Why The California Coast?

Coyuchi was born nearly thirty years ago, in a charming seaside town nestled along the rocky coast of Northern California. Point Reyes Station feels like home, not only because it’s the birthplace of our flagship shop, but because of the calming presence and striking beauty of its beaches, bluffs, and ocean breezes. Our thoughtfully crafted designs draw endless inspiration from the relaxed coastal aesthetic of our hometown and the many small hamlets sprinkled along the hypnotic coastline of California. 

Point Reyes lighthouse overlooking the oceanPoint Reyes lighthouse overlooking the ocean
This reverence for the natural world is what drives us to combat the ever-present effects of climate change on our planet. Coyuchi is founded on the belief that the highest quality should also be held to the highest standards. We began with organic farming, and over the decades Coyuchi has blazed the trail for sustainable textile creation, adopting the strictest certifications for environmental and social protection, including GOTS, Fair Trade, MADE SAFE, 1% for the Planet, Climate Beneficial Wool, and GOLS.
Today, we know that 10 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills every year — we’re taking aim at this wasteful cycle by introducing circular solutions with end-of-life in mind, and protecting our home with the most innovative processes and products on the planet, for the planet.
What does a California Coast design look like?
Each Coyuchi collection is a fresh breath of salty sea air, pulling subtle colors, nuanced textures, and earthy patterns from the Pacific Ocean and its shores. The relaxed luxury of California’s coastlines informs our aesthetic at every turn, embracing the beachy tones and calming energy of those peaceful places where water meets land.
How the California Coast inspired a few of our favorites:
Monterey Organic Duvet Cover
Our designers drew inspiration from the waves that crash against Monterey’s rocky cliffs and the breeze that blows through its grassy bluffs. The dobby-woven pattern of concentric diamonds on our Monterey Collection perfectly captures this blend of drama and tranquility. Incredibly soft organic cotton is yarn dyed for long-lasting quality and backed by solid percale, making it ideal for those who like to forgo a top sheet.
Every color — Alpine White, Shadow, and Lake — expresses its own element of the Pacific coast, channeling all the shades of the ocean’s awesome waves. All Coyuchi colors are captured using low impact dyes, foregoing harsh chemicals for vibrant tones minus the harmful environmental impact.
Staying true to its aquatic origins, the Monterey Collection is produced in India by a factory that recycles its wastewater. Monterey also meets GOTS Certification, the strictest textile manufacturing standard in the world, which reaches beyond organic farming to include every step in the supply chain.
shadow monterey duvet cover on bedshadow monterey duvet cover on bed
soft white la jolla duvet cover on bedsoft white la jolla duvet cover on bed
La Jolla Striped Organic Linen Duvet Cover
La Jolla’s sunny stripes write a love letter in linen to San Diego’s northern coast. The understated lines capture the laid-back energy of Southernmost California's beaches, with a detailed herringbone design that adds an extra polish to suit the easygoing elegance of La Jolla. With beachy shades of sand and seaside, La Jolla perfectly echoes the refined relaxation of this pristine California Coast getaway.
Organic linen invites timeless luxury with a casual twist, bringing that distinctive touch of texture that makes this fabric so special. Linen is an inherently eco-friendly textile, but we choose to advance the cause even further, electing GOTS-certified organic linen that supports a community of farmers in France. Organic linen is incredibly rare, because flax (the fiber from which its made) can only be harvested once every seven years. This means that a choice to grow organic linen is also a choice to grow other organic crops, so our support of these farmers is an equal endorsement for all of their organic rotations, including food like wheat, fava beans, alfalfa, and winter oats.
Ventura Striped Organic Duvet Cover
Ventura is the home of sandy beaches and surfboards, the essence of every California dreamer’s imagination. The Ventura Striped Organic Duvet Cover captures this postcard-perfect vision of easy-living, California coastline, in soft organic cotton that’s detailed with bold stripes of richly patterned dobby texture.
Available in two tones of beach and sea, Ventura invites bright notes of sunshine and sand with Soft White/Straw, and a crisp, cleansing air of ocean and skyline with Pewter/Soft White. Organic cotton makes for a casual, relaxed elegance that’s lightweight and low maintenance, embracing the beach-side je ne sais quoi that draws visitors from all over the world.
Ventura’s cotton construction is more than soft, long lasting, and lightweight — it’s also GOTS-certified organic and crafted in an innovative factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater. Our coastlines would be nothing without water, so every Coyuchi product does its part to conserve every drop we can: each Ventura purchase saves 1,855 days worth of drinking water.
soft white ventura duvet cover on bedsoft white ventura duvet cover on bed

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