The Natural Beauty of Undyed

The Natural Beauty of Undyed

Cayla Zelanis

Our Undyed collection captures the organic spirit in its own special way. Every Coyuchi product is grown organically, processed mindfully, and designed to last for generations. Our Undyed products stand out because they are especially gentle, making them a long-time favorite for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

Cotton has a color that’s all its own, and we love the subtle nuances of this tone just the way it is. Our Undyed collection is a celebration of cotton in its most natural form—unbleached, undyed, and untouched from the way it sprouted out of the soil.

Since the Beginning 

As we trace back to our starting point almost 30 years ago, Undyed has always been central to our origin story. Founded in 1991 by Christine Nielson, a weaver and textile artist who sought to add beauty to the world while keeping it healthy in the process. Inspired by a name for naturally brown cotton: Coyuchi was born from our founder’s desire to create organic cotton textiles free of the pesticides used on conventional fibers. 

As we’ve grown, expanded, and learned much over the years, our Undyed collection has remained an important staple to our brand and in the homes of our loyal customers. Not to mention, it looks as beautiful today—in various rooms—as it did 30 years ago! The natural beauty of Undyed lies in its longevity. 

Perfectly Untouched

In one’s ever-growing Coyuchi collection, Undyed can keep up with new colors and patterns by adding a soft, neutral base that can be built upon effortlessly. Trends come and go, but undyed cotton, in all of its raw beauty, is a consistent staple in your bedding collection. It will be with you for many years to come, moving through the chapters of your life as a warming comfort to return home to, day after day. 

With a natural warmth just like the sun, our Undyed collection adds a glow to any room all on its own. Dyeing is not necessary to achieve the subtle tone of our undyed sheeting, which has been a part of our collection since day one. What many adore about a room detailed in subtle tones like ivory, bone, and stone colors is present in our Undyed, adding a soft elegance that can pair with any other color or tone with effortless ease.

Gentle for all skin types, organic cotton shines through in its purest form, allowing the most sensitive skin to breathe, relax, and experience deep rejuvenation night after night, both in body and mind. Undyed has proven to be the most sought after choice by our customers with delicate skin prone to irritation, and we find peace knowing this collection brings rest and comfort to many.