What is Responsibly Sourced Down?

What is Responsibly Sourced Down?

Cayla Zelanis

All of our down pillows and inserts are sourced from a single supplier in the USA, which reduces our environmental footprint and provides a traceable and transparent relationship with our supplier. They use humane and sustainable practices to produce the highest quality, hypoallergenic down. And that means you can feel as good about our down products as you do about everything else you buy from Coyuchi.

How our process works

We source all of our down pillows and duvet inserts in the USA, from a single supplier who receives down and feathers from duck farms a mere hundred miles away. These birds are humanely raised on a healthy grain diet, and are never force-fed or live-plucked. The farm is audited against strict standards that enforce what the birds eat, what kind of flooring they're on, how they get their water, and what happens if they get sick. These well-being guidelines are reviewed every two years by animal welfare and bird behavior experts.

Before filling our GOTS-certified organic cotton inserts, the down is steam-treated twice and gently washed with a fragrance-free, non-toxic soap to remove bacteria that is incidental to feathers and down. Our vendor then conducts what’s called a turbidity test, which measures the amount of suspended material—think dirt, dust, and other common contaminants—in the fill. This helps determine if any unwanted residue (organic or inorganic) is present in the down and feathers. After a sample is soaked and agitated in pure water, the water is tested for clarity to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. Finally, a water-based, non-toxic chemical is used to reduce the static charge that is associated with natural filling. 

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Which Weight Is Right For You?

Lightweight Down Duvet Insert: A lighter variation of our classic Three Season Insert, our new Lightweight Down Insert is designed for hot sleepers, warm climates, and those who simply prefer the modern look and feel of a bed with less volume.

Three Season Down Duvet Insert: This lightweight, lofty, and perfectly cozy layer is ideal for year round use. Our Three Season Down Insert is a warm, fluffy option spring through fall and can be layered with a blanket in winter for excellent temperature control.

Winter Weight Down Duvet InsertThe warmest of our down duvet inserts, the Winter Weight is soft and lofty—keeping you warm on the coldest nights. The extra filling also means it feels heavier, which helps some people to sleep. Our Winter Weight is perfect if you tend to get cold when you sleep, or a colder months. 

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Proper care for your down:

Unlike the common baffle box construction, which is less expensive to manufacture and breaks apart more easily, we use stitch-through box construction, keeping the fill evenly distributed. With proper care, your down comforter will last for years.

1. Always protect your comforter from direct contact with body oils by using a duvet cover or placing it between two flat sheets. Store your down comforter in its reusable, organic cloth bag when not using.

2. Launder no more than once or twice per year, unless there is obvious soiling. More frequent washing will shorten the life of your comforter.

3. In between laundering, we recommend occasionally placing your comforter outside in the fresh air and direct sunlight to restore freshness. In order to fully dry the down clusters and to prevent mildew from forming, thoroughly dry on low heat well beyond the point when the outer fabric feels dry (approximately 3–4 hours).

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Looking for a down alternative?

We also offer feather-free alternatives, like our Climate Beneficial Wool Duvet Insert, Diamond Stitch Organic Cotton Comforter, and Organic Cotton Mattress Pad