Linen vs Cotton Sheets: Invest in Rest

Linen vs Cotton Sheets: Invest in Rest

Cayla Zelanis

Restful sleep – a coveted treasure, often elusive. Could your sheets hold the key? The linen vs. cotton sheets debate is one we’ve all experienced—but how do you know if you’ve made the right choice? Let’s explore two of our most coveted fabrics and see how they can revolutionize your sleep.

What is Linen? Embrace its Earthiness

Woven from flax, linen is surprisingly sustainable, requiring minimal water and fertilizers. This eco-warrior fabric is perfect for warm sleepers, boasting impressive temperature regulation (five times warmer than wool, yet nineteen times cooler than silk). Its unique ability to adapt to body heat keeps you comfy year-round, making it a lifetime investment.

Coyuchi Craftsmanship: 

From French fields cultivated every seven years, our organic flax undergoes a natural retting process to yield the finest fibers. We weave them into a heavier, softer fabric, then garment-wash for an unbelievably relaxed feel. Low-impact dyes ensure our linen bedding features vibrant colors that are gentle on skin and planet alike.

Effortless Style:

Linen's natural texture exudes understated sophistication. Invest in linen sheets for lasting style.

How to Wash Linen:

Linen gets softer with every wash! If you’re wondering exactly how to wash linen sheets, just use cold water, gentle cycle, and tumble dry low (or line dry!). Bonus: use plant-based detergent and wool dryer balls for extra eco love.

What is Cotton? Versatility Beckons

Cotton, the fabric chameleon, transforms into fine yarns or cozy knits. This translates to a vast array of options in temperature, feel, and look – from percale's crisp coolness to flannel's warm embrace. Organic cotton bedding eliminates harmful chemicals, offering pure comfort for sensitive skin.

Why Coyuchi Cotton Stands Out:

We've held the sustainable torch high for over 30 years, sourcing and producing cotton with the utmost care. Our premium organic cotton requires less water and energy, and are GOTS-certified for eco-conscious production. We partner with local Californian growers, employing carbon farming practices that benefit the soil, farmers, and our planet to create our Climate Beneficial™collection. Our organic cotton bedding is a labor of love for both the planet and your sleep.

Finding Your Cotton Match:

There are so many different types of cotton sheets, all with their own features and benefits.

  • Percale: Crisp and cool, perfect for warm sleepers.
  • SateenSoft and smooth, akin to a flower petal, offering warmth and finished with a matte sheen that’s not too shiny.
  • Flannel: Cloud-brushed for luxurious comfort, ideal for cold weather or cool sleepers. 
  • Jersey: Breathable knit that stretches gently, providing year-round comfort.

How to Wash Cotton Sheets: 

Caring for cotton is so easy. Simply wash cold, gentle cycle with like colors, and tumble dry low.

    Cotton vs. Linen Sheets Verdict:

    Both fabrics offer unique benefits, catering to your individual preferences.

    • Seek Durability and Temperature Regulation: Opt for linen! It's perfect for couples with differing sleep temperatures and lasts a lifetime.
    • Prioritize Crispness and Variety: Cotton awaits! Explore its diverse options to create your perfect sleep experience.

    Ultimately, the choice is yours. Sweet dreams are guaranteed, whichever path you choose.

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