What You Need To Know About Organic Latex

What You Need To Know About Organic Latex

Cayla Zelanis

Naturally firm and supportive, our organic latex pillows provide a gentle, hypoallergenic alternative to down or synthetic pillows.

Proper sleep plays a vital role in our health and well-being, yet it’s something that’s so often sacrificed due to the demands of work, worries, and busy schedules. Our line of organic latex pillows makes the quality of your sleep count and helps you rest easy with the customizable comfort of our innovative foam latex. Consciously crafted to repair your body while you sleep, these latex basics are essential for a wellness routine, which relies on a restful reset every night.

Our latex is sourced from smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka who harvest the natural rubber sap from Havea Brasiliensis trees to make 100% GOLS Certified organic Dunlop latex foam. Many of these farmers have been tapping trees all their lives, earning a daily wage from our supply partners. We choose organic latex because it supports a safer environment and better working conditions for these farm and factory workers. Taking their health and safety seriously benefits everyone, because it also means that our organic latex products are safe and healthy for you and everyone in your home.

Synthetic vs. Organic Latex Pillows


  • Synthetic materials like polyurethane (memory foam) and polyester are both petroleum-based, meaning that they’re made from fossil fuels.
  • Polyurethane foam emits AND absorbs harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the home.


  • Unlike the energy-intensive process of manufacturing polyester—which leads to harmful emissions that pollute the surrounding environments—organic Dunlop latex is made using a simple, natural process: the latex is whipped, molded, baked, washed, then dried.
  • Organic latex is breathable and temperature-regulating, unlike synthetic materials that trap warmth and lead to uncomfortable heat at night.

Organic Latex: Comfort With Benefits

GOLS Certified Latex 

  • Like the GOTS certification process that we use to ensure the safety and sustainability of our cotton and linen products, the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) is the strictest certification in the world for organic latex products. GOLS certified latex products are at least 95% organic in origin, and they follow a traceable path of environmentally and ethically sound practices from beginning to end. Starting at the farm and continuing all the way through processing, handling, packing, and labelling, the GOLS system keeps extensive records (and undergoes annual audits by an independent third party) at each stop in the supply chain to ensure that every product meets their impeccable standards.
  • GOLS requirements include strict regulations for the management of waste and pollution, energy and water conservation efforts, health and safety at all certified locations, and requires that all staff receive a competitive living wage. At the end of the creation process, GOLS even requires that any additional material used—like our organic pillow cases —must be GOTS-certified. It’s one more way we hold our partners, and ourselves, accountable.

More energy efficient process

  • The Havea Brasiliensis tree—the source of our organic latex—has a naturally high potential for carbon sequestration. Plants like this are vital to the fight against climate change, since they pull carbon out of the atmosphere and safely into the soil.
  • Organic latex takes time and patience to harvest—a single cup of raw rubber takes one entire day to fill, and each pillow requires the organic rubber from roughly 53 trees. Each of these remarkable plants can yield latex for up to 20 years. These rubber trees are planted on old English tea plantations that are leased from the government. The plantations themselves are rain-fed and certified organic, so they’re free from the herbicides and pesticides that conventional farmers can use to increase yield. This keeps chemicals out of the soil and nearby waterways, which are already stressed by a long history of conventional (non-organic) agriculture.

Mold + Mildew Resistant

  • Organic Latex offers a breathable, supportive, and hypoallergenic alternative to traditional down or synthetic fillers. Our line of organic latex pillows provides superior ventilation, resists the growth of mold and mildew, and naturally repels allergen-filled dust mites. This makes GOLS-certified organic latex pillows perfect for people with skin sensitivities and allergies, or those living in moist climates.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton: 

  • Unique to us, each pillow is protected by a 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton cover and filled with naturally derived, 100% GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex foam. This means that every inch of our latex pillows has been carefully designed with your wellbeing in mind. It’s an innovative, organic way to make wellness a priority, with organic bedding that makes going to bed the best part of the day. 

Deciding between a Shredded or Molded Latex Pillow?

Our Organic Shredded latex pillow imitates the loft of a traditional down pillow. You can scrunch and mold it to your ideal sleep shape, but it will stay lofty when poly-filled pillows go flat or down pillows need fluffing. The fill is more malleable and adjustable, allowing you to create custom support by unzipping the inner cover to rearrange or remove the fill. For additional support, you’ll need to stack pillows or fold them over. Molded organic latex pillow are more resilient and supportive—one is all you’ll need. The contoured insert feels smooth, supporting your head in soft, even comfort—and the pillow will retain its shape for years to come.

Our best-selling Turiya™ Organic Latex Pillow is thoughtfully designed for proper spinal alignment, relieving pressure on your head and neck. With the Turiya Pillow, you feel as if your head is cradled in air, an unparalleled sense of comfort that helps you sleep better and longer.