A Checklist For Getting Your Home Guest Ready

A Checklist For Getting Your Home Guest Ready

Cayla Zelanis

This season is best spent wrapped up in layers of wool, cuddled between flannel sheets, and sharing in the comforts of home with loved ones. With this in mind, we've created a checklist to help invite your guests into warm and welcoming spaces over the holidays.  

Start With The Bedroom 

Greet loved ones with a soothing space—and a comfy bed—to call their own.

Lay down a organic foundation

The best bedroom starts with a healthy foundation. Build yours with our responsibly sourced down or organic latex pillows, duvet inserts, and mattress toppers.

Switching out your duvet inserts between seasons will have a huge effect on your cold weather comfort. Choosing the right weight and fill depends on your personal preferences. 

  • For those who tend to get cold when they sleep, we recommend our Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert, this option is the warmest of our down duvet inserts—keeping you warm on the coldest nights. The extra filling also means it feels heavier, which can add calming properties to help you fall asleep.
  • For those who tend to get warm when they sleep or who may not use a duvet insert, it is a great time to warm up the bed with our Three Season Down Duvet Insert. This lightweight, lofty, and perfectly cozy layer is ideal for year round use. It’s a warm, fluffy option for spring through fall, and can be layered with a blanket in winter for excellent temperature control.

Refresh your bed linens 

New sheets are a great start for getting your guest room ready. Ours come in a variety of weaves and knits, each with their own look and feel. From crisp and refined to cozy and casual, our sheeting guide will help you select the best option to make your guests feel at home.

  • Percale: A favorite for those who get hot while they sleep, our organic percale collections range from relaxed and crinkled to crisp and smooth.
  • Sateen: Exceptionally soft and smooth, our Relaxed Sateen is a great choice for those who sleep in-between.
  • Linen: Our Organic Linen is the ultimate luxury bedding piece. Light, textured, and relaxed, it's naturally insulated for every season.
  • Jersey: Soft and stretchy like your favorite T-shirt, Jersey is our most easy-care sheeting, they resist pilling, shrinking, and twisting.
  • Flannel: For a warm and cozy night's sleep, our Cloud Brushed Organic Flannel is your best choice.

Stock your guest room with cozy blankets and quilts

A selection of blankets and quilts gives your guests the opportunity to layer as much warmth as they choose. If you are not sure how they sleep, we suggest layering our Three Season Down Duvet Insert with a wool or cotton blanket and a decorative throw to provide them with options.

When layering, blankets and quilts work best as either a top or middle layer. Sandwiching a blanket between your flat sheet and duvet or comforter locks in heat, while a top layer makes it easy to mix up your look, as well as your comfort. The latter option is great for couples who want a little more flexibility. You can pull it up or down as needed, then stack it at the foot of the bed in the morning.

Provide room to unpack

Your guests will need a place to store their luggage and hang their coats. Clear out a dresser and free up closet space (and hangers) so that your guests can unpack. Make them feel more comfortable from the start without last-minute scurrying. Tip: Do you have free space under your bed? Pull out storage bins or bags to organize your linens, towels, or other items under your bed!

Add finishing touches

Give your guests permission to relax in their room by leaving out a stack of books or new magazines. Finally, you can't go wrong by adding a few bottles of water and some local snacks, either.

Getting Your Guest Bathroom Ready

Whether your bathroom is shared or solely for your guests, these areas will help get your guest bathroom ready.

Set out bath necessities

Style a tray with travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, lotion—and new toothbrushes—in case they've forgotten anything. Additionally, get creative with your bath storage by leaving a stack of towels (bath, hand and washcloth for each guest) in the bath or bedroom your guests will be using. A few other options for storing bath linens include placing a stool near the tub, creating the perfect podium to stack our organic bath towels on or displaying your bath linens on a ladder to create a casual, laid back feel to the room.

Refresh your bath linens

The right mix of organic towels and textiles can make your bathroom feel like a trip to the spa. Soften those cold, hard floors with a cozy, cushioned bath mat or rug, then update your towels to GOTS-certified organic cotton in our three favorite weaves for winter:

  • Air Weight Collection: A long-time favorite for its exceptional absorbency and quick drying time, plus the twill texture looks and feels extraordinary.
  • Temescal Collection: Deliciously soft, light, and fluffy, and extremely absorbent. The ribbed channels sculpt a plush corduroy look with quick drying power.
  • Cloud Loom Collection: The fluffiest towel we’ve ever made. Long staple organic cotton is loomed into a soft, thick towel that’s highly absorbent and feels luxurious against your skin.

Create a spa oasis

Add an extra touch of comfort with something to keep them cozy from head to toe. We recommend our best-selling Unisex Organic Waffle Robe for a true spa experience, or our Unisex Cloud Loom™ Organic Robe for ultra plush comfort. For those toes, treat them to a pair of our Organic Room Shoes as one last thoughtful touch.

A Sense Of Home

Bring organic comfort to every corner of your home with our cozy essentials. 

Create cozy quarters

Set the tone throughout your home with heartwarming scents. A scented candle can fill the air with holiday warmth in less than 10 minutes, so pick something that feels cozy and comforting.

We also like to place a few wool or cotton throws throughout the house to bring softness to every room, and give your guests something to cuddle up with while you’re spending time together.

Here to stay

Make your guests feel right at home. Display your conversation pieces and any use accents you have to brighten up your space. Books, games, old records, and art pieces are a great place to start.