How to choose the perfect sheets



A smooth, crisp medium-weight cotton fabric that's great for warm sleepers and warm seasons. Not only does percale feel cool when you slip into bed, its firmness causes it to stand a bit off the skin, allowing air to circulate all night. A great percale uses single-ply yarns so the surface is smooth, without the tiny ridges you’d find in fabrics woven with plied yarns. That and its matte finish make it the perfect medium for printed pattern. It’s known to wrinkle a bit more than other sheeting fabrics, but those that love percale love that aspect of its personality. 

Choose percale if...

•  You generally feel hot and sweaty at night or it’s a hot time of year.
•  You love the fine, crisp feel of the sheets in grand hotels.
•  You want something that’s durable and softens with age.
•  You want sheets that are easy to care for and don’t mind a few wrinkles.

Our 300 Percale is ultra-crisp, smooth and snappy—the refined percale-lover’s sheeting since the finer yarns allow for a tighter weave. 220 Percale has thicker yarns and less tightly constructed, so very durable. Although it’s still smooth and crisp, it’s a touch softer right from the start than the 300 percale. If your favorite sheets are from your Mom’s house, there’s a good chance 220 percale is for you. Most of our printed collections are 220 percale.

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Sateen is a weave in which many threads are aligned tightly together in the vertical direction, creating a smooth, lustrous and very soft surface on one side of the fabric and a slightly matte one on the other. Often described as buttery, sateen is warmer to the touch than percale, and because it drapes against the skin, it has a cozier feel. These qualities make it a good choice for cold seasons or for people who tend to get chilly at night. We also love sateen for its matte luster and ability to resist wrinkling. 

Choose sateen if…

•  You’re dressing the bed for cool weather, or you tend to get chilly at night year round.
•  You like soft, silky, luxurious feeling sheets.
•  You like a slight sheen on your bed, in all colors. 
•  You prefer sheets that are relatively smooth right out of the dryer, without ironing.

Woven from long-staple cotton, our 300-thread-count classic Sateen has a super-smooth surface that resists pilling and holds color beautifully. Our 500 Thread Count Supima Sateen is woven of exceptionally long-staple American pima cotton for unparalleled silkiness and pill-resistance.

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Jacquard looms control thousands of yarns individually, to create an endless variety of woven patterns. If the yarns are all the same color, the pattern will be subtle, revealing itself in the way light plays across the weave. If the yarns are dyed different hues, the pattern will be more dramatic, similar in appearance to a print, but better able to withstand repeated laundering without fading. Jacquard weaving also imparts a luxurious drape and rich texture to the fabric.

Choose jacquard if…

•  You want pattern—subtle or richly colored—that endures for the life of the fabric.
•  You like opulent-feeling sheets with luxurious drape and texture.

Our Yarn-Dyed Stripe sheeting features slim, jacquard-woven stripes in soft hues that stand up beautifully to laundering. The delicate dots on our Supima Pointille sheeting are jacquard woven from long-staple American pima cotton for extra smoothness and luster.

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Think of your favorite T–shirt: slightly stretchy, supersoft and easy to care for. That’s jersey. It’s a knit fabric, which is why it’s able to stretch without added fibers like spandex and why it drapes so effortlessly. Knit from pure combed cotton, our jersey sheets feel cozy on cold nights, yet breathe beautifully to keep you comfortable on warm nights, too. They’re the perfect weight for year-round use, and we’ve engineered them to resist pilling, shrinking, and twisting so they launder beautifully. 

Choose jersey if…

•  You love the softness and comfort of your favorite t-shirt.
•  You dislike sheets that feel cold when you first get into bed.
•  You want sheets that feel cozy but breathe well, for comfort year-round.
•  Your style is relaxed and casual.
•  You want sheets that are easy to care for.

Our Jersey Sheet Sets come in a matching drawstring bag for storage or toting on laundry day. Layer them with our Jersey Duvet Cover for the ultimate casual, comfortable bed. 

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Flannel is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric that’s brushed—or “napped”—on both sides to create a supple, fuzzy surface and an extremely soft feel. Our flannel is pure cotton, woven from thick yarns and brushed many, many times then given a hair cut to create ultra-cozy sheeting that resists pilling.  At a substantial 6 oz., it’s great for cold nights or nights when you want to sleep with just a sheet that has enough weight and warmth to keep you snuggled in.  

Choose flannel if…

•  You’re layering the bed for cool weather.
•  You generally feel cold at night and want sheets that are very cozy yet breathable.
•  You like your sheets to feel warm immediately when you slip into bed.
•  You prefer to sleep under just a sheet, even on slightly chilly nights.

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Woven from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is strong yet supple, with subtle natural texture and soft drape. It can absorb many times its weight in moisture without feeling damp, drawing that moisture away from your skin and letting it evaporate. That amazing breathability keeps you cooler on warm nights and warmer on cool nights, too. Linen is static-free, nonallergenic and naturally antibacterial. And because it's so durable, it just gets better with use and laundering. 

Choose linen if…

•  You need help regulating your temperature while sleeping.
•  You like sheeting with lush texture and drape.
•  You prefer to use the same sheets for winter and summer.
•  Your style is refined but relaxed.
•  You want to invest in quality linens for many years of use.
•  You want to wash and use, no special care necessary.

Our Relaxed Linen is stonewashed for a soft hand and luscious, comfortable drape. Sheet sets and duvet covers have a simple construction so they are timeless additions to the home. It launders beautifully, and although you could iron it, we like it best fresh from the dryer or line, with an invitingly rumpled character.

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