Natural & Organic Fibers

Coyuchi strives to harness the innate qualities of natural materials while maintaining reverence for people and the planet. We take expert care to ensure that everything that bears the Coyuchi label is produced and processed to the strictest environmental standards in safe and humane conditions. Our company has maintained a commitment to using only sustainably grown and produced organic and natural fibers that are free of the toxic dyes, bleaches and finishes used in conventional textiles. We rely on guidelines such as those set by the USDA National Organic Program, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Fair Trade USA.

Design Inspiration

Coyuchi designs are inspired by nature and traditional textiles. We believe that nature got it right and provides us with countless examples of perfection— the simplest stone or leaf is graced with subtle and sophisticated detail, flawlessly interacting with its surrounding elements. Following nature’s cue, every Coyuchi product, color and detail is designed to fit harmoniously and evolve repeatedly within an aesthetic ecosystem, allowing you to combine colors and mix textures, season after season. We also look to traditional textiles, as we have a deep love for artisan craftsmanship. Partnering with communities that practice the art of hand weaving and hand embroidery, we are able to bring truly beautiful and unique products to your home. These products support traditions, empower communities and span generations. Our designs are unique and contemporary to suit modern living and to transform the home into a personal sanctuary.

Product Expertise

Our expertise in home textiles is grounded in the education, experience and guidance of our product development team, all of who hold degrees from prestigious textile design schools. The product team is working to apply the Higg Index, a social and environmental sustainability assessment tool, to the product line, and helping to develop industry standards around the responsible production of wool. Coyuchi is an active member of Textile Exchange (TE), was a founding brand in the Sustainable Textile Coalition (which is now part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition), and has been a proud supporter of the Chetna Organic Farming Cooperative for the past 10 years.

Choice of Partners

We seek out vendor partners who can offer GOTS-certified organic cotton, who work with known organic cotton supply chains such as Chetna, and who have expertise in the production of home textiles. Our European vendors have generations of knowledge about how to create high quality bedding and towels. Beyond certifications for organic, GOTS, and Fair Trade, we also highly value our vendors who use sustainable manufacturing practices, like water recycling, renewable energy, and reduced waste, and who actively engage their communities. Many of our partners are small- to medium-size family-run companies, with which we have established long-term relationships, leading to increased transparency and collaboration across our supply chain.