The New England Farmhouse of Cora Hilts

Cayla Zelanis

Cora Hilts is the co-founder and CEO of Rêve En Vert, a luxury platform dedicated to all things sustainable living and retail—and if that sounds like someone you’d like to get to know a little better, we couldn’t agree more.

Cora was kind enough to chat about all things sustainability and home design with us, so listen in as she shares the many ways she lives mindfully every day.

The mission behind Rêve En Vert really speaks to our own story at Coyuchi. As a fellow ethos-driven founder, how do you incorporate these intention-driven ideals into your own home renovation?

I have been looking for items that have been made in alignment with sustainability and longevity! It’s been amazing to discover how many great brands are out there doing things ethically, organically and regeneratively when it comes to the home. We wanted the home to have a very natural feel to it, so working with brands that put the environment first has been a great way to ensure aesthetic matches the stories behind all the items we have brought into our home.

You recently moved to Maine—what drew you to New England?

We moved late last year in a very quick decision! It really was so much of a desire to be closer to nature and able to practice more of what I preach in real life. I wanted to try my hand at regenerative gardening, growing some of our own organic food, and also having the space to build something meaningful in terms of a home.

When the farmhouse and property came up, even though we were living in central London and very happy there, we knew this was something we needed to invest in for our future happiness.

Speaking of organic food and regenerative gardening, what are your favorite recipes to make at home?

Tomatoes and basil that I have grown from scratch this year are just coming into season here in Maine and this is such a short growing season for them that I am taking full advantage! I would live in Italy half the time if I could, so Italian is always my go to. My favorite recipe is plant based - a simple Panzanella salad with some biodynamic white wine!

Yum! Can you tell us a bit about your home? Any favorite spaces?

I would say the house is very classic New England with some European touches, as my husband is still very much a Brit! My favourite space right now is our back porch that overlooks the forest and meadow. I have been doing my morning yoga there with the birds, bees and butterflies around and it inspires me so much to work hard towards a more sustainable future for all this biodiversity!

That sounds absolutely lovely. What does a sustainable lifestyle look like for you?

Truly I have realized that to me living a sustainable life means having as light of an impact on our earth as possible. I think very hard about my everyday decisions - do I need to drive today, could I avoid a flight, can I get our food organically and locally, will I wear this piece of clothing for years to come? I have found mindfulness is so helpful in being sustainable. 

Walk us through one of your mindful mornings.

My morning routine is very simple - making the bed (with our new Coyuchi sheets!), make coffee in the Feldspar gold china cafetiere that we brought from London, taking my puppy Peggy for a walk with my husband, and then heading to the garden to pick some berries for breakfast. I have found that making your home somewhere you truly love to live cuts down on your carbon footprint enormously as you don’t have to be traveling all the time to find happiness! 

What makes your home feel like a home?

My husband and I have really been taking our time with the process and only bringing in things that we truly love. A lot has been antique finds which I always think feel cozier as they have stories and wear behind them. Also making sure the ethos of any piece we purchase aligns with our values has been hugely helpful in making it feel like a place we love to be! 

Where do you pull design inspiration from?

I would say we are both very inspired by a blend of classic New England and mid century Scandinavian design and our house is very much a blend of these two genres.

How are you intentional with your space?

We really have spent months looking at just one item of furniture, it truly has been such a slow process doing up our home and we are not even close to done! I think for us it’s been about things like partnering with the right companies (like Coyuchi!) and making sure we are investing in things we both love and are very considered for the space. We haven’t done a single trolly dash to a department store, and I don’t even look online at big home retailers. Independent companies and vintage stores really have made up so much of our efforts. Also eco paints from Clare and Backdrop have helped immensely in keeping the space clean and free from toxins, and reclaimed wood from a local dealer in Portland has kept waste down!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your beautifully sustainable home. 

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