Introducing Turiya: Sleep Support, Reinvented

Introducing Turiya: Sleep Support, Reinvented

Cayla Zelanis

Carry your wellness routine into your sleep with our Turiya Organic Pillow. Engineered to align your spine and relieve pressure on your head and neck, it's the epitome of sleep support.

Breathable + Hypoallergenic

Our pillow is crafted from GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified latex, harvested by tapping rubber trees. This gentle and supportive alternative surpasses petroleum-based foams, traditional down, and synthetic fillers. It's naturally mold and mildew resistant, while effectively repelling allergen-filled dust mites.

Designed for Spinal Support

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with Turiya's unique design. On the top, you'll find two indentations that alleviate pressure on your ears when sleeping on your side, helping to minimize wrinkling of the face and neck.

On the bottom, a large recess cradles your head when sleeping on your back. This position aligns your spine and opens your airways, potentially reducing snoring and relieving postural discomfort caused by daily smartphone and computer use.

100% Organic

At Coyuchi, we proudly support smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka who harvest natural rubber sap from Havea Brasiliensis trees, enabling us to create GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex foam. These dedicated farmers have spent their lives tapping trees, earning a daily wage through our supply partners.

We understand the meticulous process of harvesting natural latex—a single cup of raw rubber takes an entire day to fill, and approximately 53 trees are required to produce the organic rubber for each pillow. Remarkably, these trees continue to yield latex for up to 20 years.

Natural rubber sap being harvested from Havea Brasiliensis trees.

Experience the ultimate in sleep support with Turiya, and rest assured that you're investing in a product that not only enhances your well-being but also sustains the livelihoods of hardworking farmers.