9 Ideas for Decorating your Bathroom

9 Ideas for Decorating your Bathroom

Cayla Zelanis

Bathroom time is a daily necessity, so why not make yours a calming, organic space for relaxation? We’ve gathered our favorite tips for a spa-worthy upgrade, whether you’re going for a full bathroom makeover or just a couple small swaps. Either way, your bathroom is soon to become a destination where you can unwind and leave the stress of the day behind. 

1. Start with organic bath linens  

Our favorite way to kick off a bathroom refresh? A fresh set of towels. Since your bath linens come into direct contact with your skin, it is especially important that they be as pure as possible.

All of our towels are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton—that means that every fiber is grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers, then processed under strict guidelines to ensure the finished product is as kind to your skin as it is to the environment.

2. Refresh your color palette

A color update will instantly breathe new life into your space, whether you choose a clean, simple palette of neutrals/all-white, or you like to play with pops of color.

  • Clean + Simple - Create the ultimate spa-like experience with a crisp, all-white palette. 
  • Mix Earthy Tones - Add natural, earthy colors in varied textures to create a soothing ambiance. 
  • Pops of Color - Breath new life into your space by adding splashes of rich, room-brightening hues.
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3. Swap out your shower curtain

Breathe easier with sustainable options that don’t require a plastic liner; just toss them in the wash for easy care. Like our towels and bath mats, every shower curtain is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.  

4. Get creative with storage

Liberate your linen closet by putting all those beautiful bath linens on display. With a little creativity, you can find extra storage space in even the smallest spaces.

Our favorite ways to display your bath linens:

  • Place a stool near the tub to create the perfect podium for artfully undone stacks of our organic bath towels.
  • Display your bath linens on a ladder for additional storage space, while creating a casual, laid back feel to the room.

5. Update your bath mat + rugs

The full spa treatment means adding organic comfort and visual interest at every opportunity. Do this in an instant with a new bath mat or rug, and treat your bare feet to a cozy, cushioned layer to soften those cold, hard floors.

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6. Make a statement with tiles or wallpaper

Create your own special signature with a fresh wallpaper or tile pattern that feels like YOU. Accent walls can brighten up even the smallest spaces, especially when you incorporate the right bath linens to complement your design. We love neutral hued towels and bath rugs to add a sense of openness to the space, and white or lightly colored linens to balance out bolder color choices.

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7. Replace or re-vamp old fixtures

Old fixtures can make your bathroom feel dated, but replacing or refinishing these pieces will make even the most vintage spaces look like new.

It’s also important to note that your bathroom accounts for half of all the water used inside of your home. This is why we recommend seeking out faucets, showers, and toilets that carry the Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense label. These environmentally friendly fixtures use about 20 percent less water than average to help you save 7,000 gallons of water annually—that’s enough to wash 6 months worth of laundry.

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8. Invite nature indoors

Nature is healing, so it’s important to incorporate its elements into your calming spaces. Colors and textures with natural roots can help reset the mood, while plants can bring in an instant taste of the outdoors. Plants are natural air-scrubbers, and they add warmth in a room filled with cold, hard surfaces. No worries if your thumb is less than green; many plants thrive with very little tending in the moist environment of the bath. 

Our favorites include aloe vera, bamboo, and philodendrons. Tillandsias and other air plants are also a great choice, because they don't need soil, or even a pot, so you can place them virtually anywhere. 

9. Set the mood with a fresh new scent

No spa is complete without the right scent. Set the mood for relaxation by candlelight with the calming flicker and fragrance of Bright Black Candles, our favorite family-owned shop for handcrafted candles that honor the Black Diaspora.