How To Sew On A Button

How To Sew On A Button

Cayla Zelanis

High standards and high quality are woven into every fabric at Coyuchi. This ethos carries into the long lifespan our sheets can withstand when cared for properly. Becoming softer with each sleep, we like to think of our products as heirlooms that can hold you in a warm embrace for many nights to come.

Nonetheless, many nights spent cocooned in organic cotton bliss can sometimes lead to some wearing of the details. The most common one? Loose buttons! 

This is a simple fix and can be enjoyable, too. Our very own Erin walks us through how to properly sew on a loose or detached button using a needle and thread.  All you’ll need is a button, some thread, the piece of fabric you’ll be sewing onto, and a needle. 



  • Measure about 5 inches of thread and cut it
  • Thread your needle
  • Put the needle in the center of the thread and tie a knot at the two ends
  • Take your fabric and position where you’d like your button on the piece of fabric
  • Enter on the other side of the fabric and thread your first hole on the button
  • Come through the hole and pull tight
  • Thread diagonally down and back into the fabric pulling through the other side
  • Next, thread the hole to the right, go up and through and then diagonally across again
  • Going over the thread you just threaded from the first two holes of the button
  • Repeat this process, going through the hole and then diagonally across
  • Do this two to three times
  • Once the button is secure, enter thread on the back side
  • Cut the thread off the needle
  • Tie it securely in the back with a double not and then trim the thread
  • There you have it!