Home and Nature, Together

Home and Nature, Together

Cayla Zelanis


Every decision we make at Coyuchi is informed by our mission. We believe this devotion to our ethos yields a more beautiful and considered collection, and this season is no different. Inspired by the rocky coast of Northern California's Sea Ranch, our cozy organic sheets, textural cotton quilts, and timeless earth-toned palette offer a cozy and tranquil escape from the cold.

This time of year, your home is your retreat, and whether it’s for gathering with loved ones or unwinding from the day, we believe your space should reflect your beliefs. Each piece in this collection is designed to build a bridge between nature and your home, nurturing a more intimate connection between the land and what we choose to build upon it. 

We find comfort in the beautiful imperfections of the world outside our doors, and we go to great lengths to sustain the natural spaces that inspire us. That's why our latest collection is organic, nontoxic, and crafted with materials, colors, patterns, and textures that anchor you to nature in the moments when you can't be outside.

Developing with Nature

This fall, we’re blending architecture and nature into one cohesive collection. We chose Sea Ranch because this development is so much more than an aesthetic—it’s a community with over fifty years of history. Sea Ranch is a prime example of ecological architecture, and it has never stopped evolving to complement the surrounding land and sea. Designed as a bridge between manufactured and natural spaces, these forward-thinking architects were committed to four founding principles based on their shared ecological values:

  • Architecture: building within the landscape
  • Landscape: respecting and protecting its natural character
  • Place: designing houses that would suit this particular climate and place as well as the interests of those who would choose to live here
  • Community: living lightly on the land

Like our past collections, this unique vision embraces the concepts of biophilic design, where the simplicity and imperfection of nature bring balance to your living spaces. Wherever you make your home, all it takes is a few touches of organic texture and color to invite nature indoors.

Shades of Land & Sea

One of our favorite ways to express this symbiosis between manufactured and natural spaces is through color. We take great care to choose hues that complement each other across every collection, so mixing and matching is always encouraged. Our new and classic pairings for this season are inspired by the rich landscape of Sea Ranch: rocky bluffs, beaches, cliffs, and coves. The architectural elements are nestled amongst the abundant flora and fauna, creating an organic balance between the land, sea, and structures.

We channeled this vision through architectural grays mixed with warm browns and hazels. Abundant greens in shades of sage, agave, and cypress are offset by crisp whites, reflecting the simple, clean Sea Ranch interiors. 

Coastal aquas and steel blues mingle with the neutrals of crashing waves and sandy shorelines. Patchwork patterns, textural stripes, and rich solids work to capture an ecosystem that’s brimming with movement and life.

Like Sea Ranch, everything we create is a homage to the beauty of the natural world, and is crafted in ways that respect and protect these spaces. That’s why we only use organic fibers and follow the strictest standards for every textile in our collections, every step of the way—because living in harmony with the natural world is only possible if we do everything we can to keep to protect it.