Going Back To Our Roots

Going Back To Our Roots

Cayla Zelanis

It’s been 30 years since Coyuchi first introduced organic linens into the homes of our friends and neighbors. Today, artistry and creativity continue to run through our veins, along with the drive to make a positive impact on the Earth. Founded in 1991 by Christine Nielson, a weaver and textile artist who sought to add beauty to the world while keeping it healthy in the process.

Inspired by a name for naturally brown cotton: coyuchi was born from our founder’s desire to create organic cotton textiles free of the pesticides used on conventional fibers. Join us as we go back to our roots this season, drawing inspiration from the unique beauty of our Point Reyes birthplace and the handwoven craftsmanship that sparked an organic movement. Each piece is inspired by our origins and crafted with care for the environment, the hands that weave them, and the homes they inhabit.

This season, we’re embracing greyed coastal blues mixed with sunset tones of pink—like the ocean views in Inverness, where Nielson’s vision for Coyuchi first took form. Both warm and cool neutrals grounded by our undyed yarns, carved geometrics inspired by the coastal cliffs nearby, irregular tonal stripes drawn from traditional sarape blankets, intricate weaves with a range of details influenced by handwoven textiles, and ombre patterns that reflect the transition from earth and sea to sky. 

Our first 30 years have challenged the way we think about textile creation—from organic farming and sustainable processing to GOTS, MadeSafe, and Fair Trade certification. For the next 30 years and beyond, Coyuchi will continue to push the organic textile space forward. We search for the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility with every step, whether it’s our groundbreaking circularity initiatives and recycled products, or by supporting our allies in regenerative agriculture.

Coyuchi is moving onward, and staying true to our origins along the way. 

Inspired by Natural Beauty

Hand-woven patterns, textural details, and cool colors inspired by our layered coastal terrain create depth and comfort in organic cotton and linen. A full range of textures and weights invites warmth with new colors and styles.The artistry in weaving is sewn in the fabric that holds Coyuchi together and is beautifully illustrated within each piece of the collection. Organic cotton is detailed with textural dobby-woven stripes, drawing from our founder’s work as a hand weaver.

Purely organic cotton clothing to inspire one to wear what feels good. Choose organic comfort and you’ll find yourself wrapped in our soft and cozy organic robes and wraps every time. The variety of weaves, weights, and textures means that there is a just-right option for everyone. 

With the Pacific Ocean as our backyard, a constant reminder of the infinite present moment, Coyuchi’s mission to bring beauty and comfort to the homes of many, without sacrificing the health of our planet, is ever expanding. Here’s to looking toward the horizon of growth and inspired leadership. Thank you for being on this journey with us, we hope you love this new collection as much as we loved bringing it to life. 

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