Coyuchi: Past, Present, and Future

Coyuchi: Past, Present, and Future

Cayla Zelanis


For three decades, the planet has been our starting point—from our responsible sourcing to our nature-inspired designs, the beauty of the world around us informs every decision we make.

When we launched Coyuchi 30 years ago, we were the first to create organic textiles without using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Our collection for Fall 2021 is a celebration of this landmark anniversary, and a reaffirmation of our commitment to making the highest-quality linens while leaving the least possible impact on the earth.

Our Fall Collection honors centuries-old handweaving techniques, and pays homage to the land through colors and patterns inspired by our natural surroundings. Each piece channels our heritage, built upon the art of weaving and design—and pays tribute to every person who connects with our fibers throughout every step of its creation.

Colors of Nature

The beauty of the world around us drives every decision we make, from the organic fibers and responsible processes we choose to the shapes and colors that inspire our designs. Each piece seeks to connect our indoor spaces with the healing properties of nature, whether it’s the naturally warming shades of soil and earth, or the cooling aqua blues that connect us to the ocean and sky along the Northern California coastline.

Artistry in Every Thread

The designs in our Fall Collection reflect our founder's devotion to her craft as a weaver and textile artist. Each fabric and weave we develop is original and unique to us, and made to complement every Coyuchi collection, past and present.

Inspiration for our patterns and textures were pulled from unexpected places, like the lines and shapes carved out by organic farmlands and the forgotten weaving techniques of mid-century textile artists. A full range of weaves, weights, and yarn-dyed colors give the items in this collection an artistry that feels uniquely true to our heritage.

We’re so proud to share this major milestone with all of you, and we’re more committed than ever to raising the expectations of what sustainability can (and should) look like. 

Join us as we embark on our next chapter: continuing our journey toward regenerative farming, circular solutions, climate activism, and exciting new innovations in sustainability. Together, we can make the Earth more livable today, tomorrow, and every day—and fill our homes with nature’s most beautiful things in the process.