Beyond Aesthetics: The Call for Conservation

Beyond Aesthetics: The Call for Conservation

Emma Owan

Intersecting Worlds: Exploring the Convergence of Art, Design, and the Environment

In the final installment of our series, we’re focusing on the pivotal role that Coyuchi and ORCA play in safeguarding our planet's natural resources and preserving biodiversity. Our dedicated efforts in sustainable practices and conservation reflect one of our core beliefs: that biodiversity is not just essential for our environment, but vital for the future of humanity.

Transformative Impact of Sustainable Practices

Coyuchi takes a holistic approach to sustainability, not only emphasizing our use of organically grown materials, but also our initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. Our 2nd Home™ initiatives exemplify our commitment to circularity, ensuring that every product made not only lasts but also contributes to a minimal environmental impact over its lifecycle. 

Molly from ORCA reflects on the lessons learned from nature. "Our work has taught me patience as nothing meaningful happens quickly. There is a beautiful formula that occurs with water, sun, care, and time." This philosophy is mirrored in the way ORCA designs landscapes, prioritizing natural growth and ecological balance. 

Echoes of Conservation: Our Beliefs and Aspirations

ORCA's approach to design also embraces the true cycles of nature, from decomposition to evolution and growth. Their landscape designs are built around the natural beauty of the outdoors, and only get better with time. 

" In nature and life, decomposition and diversity are essential to composition and growth. Let things decay and let things grow wild." – Molly Sedlacek

The Coyuchi design team adds, "Every day, we draw inspiration from the Earth and work hard to protect its natural beauty and vast resources." From regenerative agriculture practices, zero wastewater collections, and single-use initiatives like the Coyuchi Conserve collection, every decision we make is designed to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable living. 

As we conclude this series, we’re proud to have partnered with ORCA to promote our shared vision for a sustainable future. These initiatives not only enhance biodiversity but ensure that we leave a thriving, healthy planet for future generations.

By shopping consciously, you can also support land conservation efforts. Our White Buffalo Land Trust collaboration helps farmland thrive, benefiting the environment, humanity, and all living things. Together, we can make a significant impact, fostering a deeper connection to the earth and promoting conservation in every aspect of our lives.

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