Behind The Design: Solana

Behind The Design: Solana

Cayla Zelanis

Our newest collection celebrates the circularity of design, bringing the beauty of the past forward with innovative materials and methods that put the health of the environment first. The Solana Organic Print Duvet Cover is our first release for spring, displaying an original botanical pattern that is inspired by history and designed for the future.

The Inspiration: Present + Past

Research for this collection began with looking into current trends to find inspiration that spoke to the Coyuchi sensibility. Through this modern lens, we identified creative ways to mix prints and patterns that felt natural and looked vintage, as if they were mixing textures.

Renewal is the common thread throughout our spring collection, embracing historical textiles and techniques in a way that feels modern and elevated. While researching vintage wood block print techniques, we were drawn to these vintage Sarasa prints from Japan. Popularized in the 19th century, Sarasas were made for the Japanese but inspired by Indian Wood Block prints and European Chintz fabrics of this era. It was fascinating to see how many different cultures came together to influence these prints over a century ago.

From Sarasa to Solana

The starting point for the pattern itself is a vintage textile from the 1890s. The history of craftsmanship Sarasa prints carry really speaks to the craft heritage of Coyuchi. To bring this print to life, the artwork was hand-painted by a textile artist and then digitally printed with an added antique effect. The combination of vintage and modern techniques makes this duvet uniquely special.

solana duvet cover

The Details

We designed our Solana pattern to be larger than the pieces that inspired it, creating a more dramatic look that’s gently subdued by its antique effect and natural color palette. A combination of grays is set against an undyed backdrop of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which pairs well with a variety of colors while feeling authentic to its inspiration, both in its vintage aesthetic and our modern focus on environmentally sound materials.

How it Feels

The best part about every Coyuchi product is the way it feels to the touch, hitting a standard that is dry and crinkly, lived in and super comfortable. We worked diligently and intentionally to make sure that this printed duvet would match the standard we’ve been following. Our 100% plant-based softener is the final touch before cutting and sewing, giving Solana a comfortable, crinkled hand feel that’s similar to our best-selling cotton cotton percale collection.