At Home with Morgan Marie Jones

At Home with Morgan Marie Jones

Julie Wells

Welcome to At Home, a series where we step inside the most sacred spaces of creative souls who inspire us. We were invited into the Brooklyn home of Morgan Marie Jones, the founder of boutique agency Take Out. Join us as we explore the world of design, sustainability, and the daily rituals that spark her creativity.

How does your home reflect your personality?

My home really embodies every part of me, but I like to think that the feeling when you enter my home is most reflective of me as a person. It is warm, intentional, and inviting, with pops of character throughout. It is neutral and airy, with touches that make it uniquely mine – like disco balls styled in unsuspecting corners and hanging on door knobs throughout, photos taken by my fiance over the last 10 years, and hand-written letters clad on our refrigerator as a reminder of all the love that we are surrounded with.

What inspires you most when creating your ideal spaces? Is there a process you follow?

I love spending hours flipping through magazines and books that I’ve collected, or getting out in nature to spark my creativity. Stepping away from technology for a few hours and creating something with my hands always inspires new ideas and gets me thinking about things differently. From there, I lean on my senses – whether it was something structurally that I saw in a pottery class, or a color that made me feel something in nature, or a conversation that opened me up to a new perspective, I usually spend time digging into whatever that inspiration source is, journaling, and then figuring out how to bring it to life in different ways in my space.

 Which Coyuchi piece do you gravitate toward the most?

Climate Beneficial™ Cotton Soft Washed Sheets have become a staple for us! My love for stripes runs deep, and I love how comfortable they are to sleep in – so soft, but breathable! They make any bed look immediately cozier!

I also love the Pismo Organic Throw! It is the perfect lightweight throw, especially for the warmer months ahead, and the design is so beautiful and adds the perfect neutral print. Plus, it’s the perfect blanket to throw in your bag and take to the park for a picnic!

What steps have you taken to make your home more sustainable? And why is sustainability important to you?

One of my favorite ways of making my home more sustainable has been to fill it with second hand and vintage pieces. My very favorite pieces that we’ve collected over the years have lived many years before us and offer so much character without contributing to the exorbitant waste that big box retailers create each year. I find so much fun in sourcing vintage pieces for our home and always finding vintage in new cities around the world. Aside from that, we are always trying to incorporate more sustainable habits into our lifestyle – from limiting our plastic use and opting for organic and biodegradable materials, to shopping in bulk and swapping out single-use items like paper towels with reusable options, whenever possible.

Sustainability has always been extremely important to me as it means protecting Mother Earth, who gives so much to us, and ensuring that future generations have the privilege of experiencing her in the ways that we have been able to.


How do the realms of design, food, and entertaining intersect in your life?

Design, food, and entertaining are at the heart of everything I do! I am a very sensitive person, so I lead with my heart and am deeply affected by the way things and experiences make me feel, and I am passionate about creating and curating in a way that opens others up to those feelings and moments that I gravitate towards, whether it’s through a project that we’re shooting, or a dinner that I’m hosting.

Design and food are often what get me out of my comfort zone and motivate me to travel to different corners of the world – a hotel that I’ve been coveting, a museum or exhibit that piques my curiosity, or a cuisine that I’m craving. So much of my inspiration comes from experiencing other artists’ mediums and then injecting that inspiration into my work. Similarly, I am happiest when I bring people together, whether through work or in my personal life. I find so much joy in creating an experience and entertaining in my space – from moodboarding the vibe and making a playlist, to curating the guest list, to designing the tabletop.

What are your must-do daily rituals and why are they important to you?

My morning and bedtime routines are sacred to me. When I feel out of alignment with any part of my life, I will always begin with resetting my morning routine – it’s always the most impactful way to hit reset for me. In the morning, as soon as I wake up, I take my dog outside and get direct light for 3-5 minutes. I open a few windows throughout the apartment to release any stale energy and let fresh air in, make a coffee or matcha, and tidy up. I try to meditate every morning for 10 minutes, but some weeks I’m better than others – it’s always a work in progress! And then I get some sort of movement – whether going on a walk, doing a quick Melissa Wood Health flow, or going to a pilates class.

My bedtime routine isn’t as regimented, but I love doing my full skincare routine while listening to a podcast, reading or scrolling the Cosmos app for a bit in bed, and ideally lights out by 10:30.