At Home with Kerrilynn Pamer

At Home with Kerrilynn Pamer

Anastasia Christenson

It’s time for our latest edition of At Home, a series that spotlights inspiring spaces and the minds behind them. Today’s journey takes us to Silver Lake, California to explore the personal oasis of Kerrilynn Pamer. As the founder and CEO of CAP Beauty, Pamer has become a leader in the world of natural skincare and plant-based pantry essentials. Having recently moved from the bustling streets of New York to the tranquil West Coast, her background in interior design and passion for sustainability shines through every aspect of her Silver Lake home. Follow along as Pamer invites us in to explore more about her life and design aesthetic.

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Thank you for welcoming us into your home. Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you spend your time.

Hi there. I’m Kerrilynn Pamer, founder and CEO of CAP Beauty. I spend my days cooking, reading, hanging out with my husband and dogs, walking in our new neighborhood and sitting in front of the fire. I also work a lot.


How does your home reflect your personality?

My home is a direct representation of all my interests: there are books everywhere, art on the walls, music playing, incense burning and always some type of food being made. It’s grounded, inspiring and warm. Exactly how I want to be.


What inspires you most when creating your ideal spaces? Is there a process you follow?

I like a space to not feel too perfect while still being interesting and aspirational. I'm intrigued with spaces that make you think, but also that welcome you, ones that take a bit more time to understand, ones that share a well-lived life. I’m interested in spaces that make me curious.


Do you feel your space is driven more by aesthetic or function?

Absolutely both, but my husband might disagree.

Can you tell us the stories behind some of your favorite things in your home?

I have a set of Hiroshigi prints that I inherited from my Aunt Maggie, whose parents lived in Japan at the turn of the century. I adore Japan and am honored to live with these pieces. We also had a coffee table made a couple years ago that is monumental in size and finished in high gloss paint making it not only resilient but truly stunning. Our friend who fabricated it for us built it so it’s strong enough to dance on top. I adore it. I also have an Ivan Carmona sculpture that my husband gave me for our anniversary that I treasure. 


Which Coyuchi piece do you gravitate toward the most?

I love the bedding, all of it, the percale and the linen, depending on the season.


What steps have you taken to make your home more sustainable? And why is sustainability important to you?

I’m always looking for ways to invite sustainability into my life, but I would say the biggest act of sustainability is how intentional I am about what I bring into our home. I love objects, but I won't bring anything home that I don’t love and know that I will have for a very long time. If I can’t bring the piece into our home that I want, I will wait, and not fill it with a temporary solution. It’s not always the most practical process, but it is non-negotiable for me. I loathe the idea of having things around that will end up in a landfill sooner rather than later.

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How do the realms of design, food, and entertaining intersect in your life?

They’re inseparable. Design, food and entertaining are constants in my life, from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.


What are your must-do daily rituals and why are they important to you?

Drinking loads of water, reading at the end of the day, cooking something or making a meal for myself and others, drinking matcha and taking my vitamins. All of these little acts make me feel better, and when done consistently, compound and make me feel my best.


And lastly, please describe your style in 3 words.

Warm, discerning and intelligent.