Coyuchi For Life x Renewal Workshop

There's nothing like the feeling of slipping into smooth, new sheets at night or stepping out of the shower into a fresh, soft towel. New linens are one of life's deep, simple pleasures. But to ditch your bedding and bath towels when they still have some life in them can feel irresponsible…even wasteful. We created Coyuchi for Life to solve that.

Coyuchi for Life is a new subscription service that offers a way to refresh your bed and bath linens while respecting the planet. Choose your sheets or towels, select your preferred delivery frequency (6, 12 or 24 months), and we'll send you a fresh set when you want them. Return your well-loved sheets and towels in the packaging provided, and we'll make sure that, instead of ending up in the landfill, they go on to a new life.

To achieve that, we're partnering with The Renewal Workshop. Using an earth-friendly CO2 washing process that uses no water or heat, The Renewal Workshop will launder your returned sheets and towels to like-new clean. Then they'll inspect them for any minor repairs they may need – clipping thread tails, re-sewing seams, repairing small tears, etc. – and when they're ship-shape, they'll package them for sale as "renewed" linens in our outlet store.

If your linens can't be renewed – if they have snags, stains or tears that can't be fixed – The Renewal Workshop will offer them to artisans and independent designers who upcycle textiles into new products like bags, clothing and accessories.

And, finally, sheets and towels that aren't upcycled will be shredded and either composted, or recycled into yarns that will be used to create new textiles. The goal is to someday be able to re-spin 100% recycled cotton, an emerging technology that will completely close the loop on sustainability.

With the help of The Renewal Workshop, Coyuchi can offer our customers a more responsible way to consume. And that means you can enjoy fresh, new linens and be green, too. Learn more about Coyuchi for Life, or sign up for the service.