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Going Beyond Organic

For more than 25 years, we've focused on natural, organic, low-impact textiles, because they're healthier for the environment and for the people who make and use them. We have been focused on finding Fair Trade partners since day one, but it was not until 2014 that we officially began working with Fair Trade Certified™ suppliers through our partnership with Fair Trade USA.

Fair Trade USA works with farms and factories around the world to improve wages, benefits and working conditions. We pay a bit more for Fair Trade Certified™ items, and that premium goes into an account that farmers and workers control to use as they choose. This premium is intended to close the gap between their wage and what is calculated to be the living wage in their area. By choosing Fair Trade Certified™ products from Coyuchi, you'll help to reduce poverty, increase opportunity and improve the quality of life for the farmers, workers and for their families, as well.


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 The first Coyuchi products to earn full Fair Trade Certification were our best-selling Air Weight Towels, and in early 2016 our long-running Honeycomb Blanket and Honeycomb Baby Blanket became Fair Trade Certified at the factory level. We'll continue to introduce other certified products over time. To find them, just look for the Fair Trade symbol on our website and on our product packaging in stores.

We have expanded our Fair Trade product to include our Honeycomb Pet Bed created for your beloved Coyuchi Companion. The Honeycomb Pet Bed is Fair Trade Certified™ Cotton, which means that the product contains at least 20% Fair Trade Certified cotton. Or wrap yourself our relaxed Women's Cardigan knit from soft, slubby Fair Trade organic cotton. This certification supports better working conditions for the farmers who harvested the organic cotton.


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To learn more about Fair Trade please visit their website.

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