2nd Home Renewed™ FAQ

Customer Service Support

Email: support@recurate.com

Hours: 9am – 5pm eastern time

How do I pay for a pre-loved item?

You will pay via our secure checkout in the same way as with any Coyuchi order.  Simply "Add to Cart" and proceed through the checkout as usual.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is $8.00 for purchases up to $300.00. Orders of $300.00 or more ship free. Bleckmann fulfills and ships most orders within 24 hours of receiving them Monday through Friday. Packages are shipped via FedEx and usually arrive within three days. 

What notifications will I receive? 

Upon placing an order, customers receive an order confirmation email. The customer will also receive a similarly styled email containing a link to tracking details when the order is shipped.

What should I do when I receive my order?

Once your order has been delivered you will receive an email to confirm and rate the product. Let us know if your item is up to the standards you expected! If yes, feel free to give a great rating. If not, let us know within three days through the form. One of our customer service representatives is here to take care of you!


All 2nd Home Renewed purchases are considered “Final Sale” and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Can I buy an item if I don't live in the United States?

Not yet! The Renewed service powered by Recurate is not currently available to buyers anywhere outside of the US. We are unable to fulfill international shipping orders.

Can discounts and promotions be applied to Renewed items? 

No, Renewed items are excluded from discounts and promotions unless explicitly stated otherwise.

What do the different product conditions mean?

We offer three different categories of products through Coyuchi 2nd Home Renewed:

  • New with Tags: These items are brand-new products with the original product tags and labels. In most cases, these items do not meet Coyuchi’s strict quality standards and may be slightly irregular in terms of color, size or workmanship quality.
  • Like New: These items have gone through the Renewal process (see below for more detail) and have been restored to like-new condition. 
  • Good: These items have gone through the Renewal process (see below for more detail), but may have some kind of visible repair, flaw or replaced aesthetic element.

What is Renewed?

This is a new category of products focused on recovering value and reducing waste. We currently offer two categories of Renewed products:

  • Like New: Product has gone through the Renewal process and has been restored to like-new condition. 
  • Good: Product has gone through the Renewal process, but may have some kind of visible repair, flaw or replaced aesthetic element.  

Renewed items are specifically selected from a larger pool of unsellable inventory based on having the highest level of untapped value. Items may or may not have been previously used or damaged.

Because of the way unsellable inventory comes to us, the product history is not known. When something is chosen for Renewal, it goes through a six-stage process (for more information, see below) so, regardless of where it came from, it ends up restored to like-new condition.

Is everything used?

Renewed products come from a larger pool of returned items, damaged items, customer take-back programs or other production sources. No matter where they started, all products sold as Renewed go through a six-stage certification process to ensure you get a high-quality product that meets our standards.

What is the six-stage Renewal process?

1. Cleaned

In our renewal operations, cleaning is a required step in the process so that customers have the confidence that when they buy something, it is cleaned to a like new standard. We use various cleaning machinery depending on the need, from ozone, to commercial-grade washing machines. Every single Renewed product is as clean as new. 

2. Repaired

About 50% of Renewed products have been professionally repaired in some way. All repairs respect the original design and quality standards of the product and are not visible on the outside of the items.

3. Certified

All Renewed products - whether or not they required repair - are certified to ensure that everything works (ex. buttons, zippers, closures, etc.) and there is no pilling, fading, fabric fatigue or overall signs of exterior wear. Once products are reviewed and approved, they are officially certified as Renewed.

The Coyuchi renewed label lets everyone know that the product is officially Renewed. This means it has met both our standards and passed the certification process.

4. Matched

Wherever possible, Renewed products are matched to the original product information so customers can see the original price, product names, descriptions, features and benefits. Renewed products offer customers more transparency and product knowledge than the traditional seconds market.

5. Scored

All products are tracked for their environmental impact. Displacement values are assigned for carbon, water, and chemical usage offsets. Waste reduction is calculated on every item in the Renewal System.  

6. Happily Received

Renewed products aren’t fully renewed until a customer is happily using them. If a product doesn’t meet expectations, please contact customer service.

How does Coyuchi track products? 

Bleckmann heat presses a bar code onto each of the products that are renewed. This is a unique ID for each item and therefore Coyuchi is able to track that item’s specific data, history, and environmental impact.

What does it mean to be zero waste?

Bleckmann and Coyuchi are trying to create a world where no textile or piece of apparel ends up in landfill. All apparel and textiles that come into the facility are assessed for the highest value use. The best environmental impact is to get that product back out into the use that it was originally designed for. For everything that cannot be restored, reconditioned, reused or remade, Bleckmann finds other solutions including downcycling and recycling.

Why aren’t your prices lower?

Renewed isn’t about the cheapest deal, Renewed products are one part of a circular system. Coyuchi is helping to change the apparel and textile industry from a linear model to a circular one. That means that Renewed Products are about doing something good for the planet and getting greater value. In addition to maintaining a Zero Waste system and environmentally friendly and sustainable options for everything it does, Bleckmann invests in the cleaning, repair and inspection of products to extend their usefulness overtime. This means that Renewed items have greater value and are priced accordingly. On average, a Certified Like-New Restored item is sold at 40% off original MSRP.

What is the relationship between Coyuchi and Bleckmann? 

Bleckmann is our partner for transforming our linear system into a circular one. Many brands and retailers lack systems to maximize the full value of a product over its whole lifetime. This means the creative, physical, natural and financial resources that have been invested in products are lost when value still exists. This leads to massive waste problems with negative environmental impacts and significant financial losses.

Bleckmann offers a complete set of circular solutions to recover the highest value of every product created.  They take apparel and textiles and turn them into renewed products, upcycling materials or partnering with recyclers. Bleckmann focuses on the operations for the circular economy, specializing in logistics, cleaning and repairing products, and integrations so that companies like Coyuchi can meet their circularity goals.

What is the relationship between Coyuchi and Recurate?

Recurate offers best-in-class resale software that helps extend the lifecycle of items by enabling brands like Coyuchi to sell non-new inventory to support their circularity goals and Bleckmann’s operational capabilities. 

Recurate software enables the customer experience of the 2nd Home Renewed program. This includes the ability to view and purchase items on Coyuchi.com as part of the 2nd Home Renewed collection. Recurate also enables the listing of items, matching resale products to the Coyuchi catalog, order fulfillment, shipment management and tracking, and customer service that connect the various aspects of the circular product ecosystem.

Why should I shop here?

2nd Home Renewed is the dedicated marketplace for buying and trading in Coyuchi products you love over and over again. We’ve created this experience for finding and purchasing our pre-loved items.