Climate Council Press Release


The Organic Circular Textiles Leader Maps New Climate Goals with Assembly of The Coyuchi Climate Council and Inaugural Impact Report

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 7, 2022 - Coyuchi, the organic luxury bed, bath, and apparel company, announced today it has assembled a council of leaders across fashion, regenerative agriculture, and sustainability to form The Coyuchi Climate Council

Through the formation of this group of experts, Coyuchi aims to bring together powerful minds who have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve its latest climate goals: Net Zero Emissions by 2025 and Net Positive Emissions by 2030.

The industry leaders Coyuchi has called on to meet this challenge are: 

These individuals were selected for their expertise in five key areas: Regenerative Agriculture, GHG’s + Offsets, ESG Reporting, Textile Chemistry, and Circular Systems.  

“Coyuchi’s pursuit of sustainable innovation has never been achievable in a silo. The complexities of the textiles supply chain do not allow for us to work alone, and when we launched our first circular product in 2020, we recognized the true value of our network in the battle against climate change,” said Eileen Mockus, CEO & President of Coyuchi. “This small but mighty group of leaders was carefully selected for their deep rooted expertise across industries and I am confident they will push Coyuchi to be innovative and aggressive with achieving our goals.”


"White Buffalo Land Trust is focused on transitioning farming and ranching practices to restore the ecosystem through the daily work of agriculture. We believe that doing less bad is no longer good enough, and Coyuchi is providing leadership to make this vision business as usual. It is an honor and privilege to support them on this path." - Steve Finkel, Founder & President of White Buffalo Land Trust. 

"I am excited and honored to be working with the Climate Council and Coyuchi to achieve net neutral emissions by 2025, and to be net positive by 2030. This trailblazing journey will be hard and there will be setbacks along the way, but as an industry we must, and can do better. I hope to leave a healthier planet to my children and their children too." - Amanda Cattermole, Founder of Cattermole Consulting Inc. 

“There are few companies that are brave and bold enough to tackle and lead in climate action across their value chain. Eileen and her team are the tip of the spear and I am honored to be on the Coyuchi Climate Council to continue innovating, problem solving and scaling this critical work.” - Cara Chacon, Founder and Principal Consultant, Intentum Corporate Responsibility Consulting 


To jumpstart its accountability and measurement initiatives, Coyuchi has also released its first annual Impact Report. The report provides metrics around Coyuchi’s sustainable accomplishments starting with 2020, and outlines the company’s new climate goals, as well as a roadmap for how it plans to achieve them. 

Key learnings from the Impact Report include (Jan-Dec 2020): 

  • 100% of products were made from 100% natural fibers

  • 99% of product was Global Organic Textile Standard Certified

  • Invested capital in carbon farming practices on over 6,000 acres in California (carbon farming promotes biodiversity and fertile land) 

In addition to environmental metrics, Coyuchi’s 2020 Impact Report also addresses the critical importance of diversity and charity initiatives that support a fair and equal society:

  • 100% executive female leadership

  • 90% female workforce

  • More than 2000 factory workers in India received COVID-19 Relief from Coyuchi’s Fair Trade USA Premium, which was used to purchase groceries and sanitizing materials

  • More than 400 smallholder farms, or a farm that is less than five acres in land, received Fair Trade premiums from Coyuchi in India, where small and marginal farmers account for 86% of total farmers (2015 - 2016 India Agriculture Census)

  • 4 years of support for 1% for the Planet, in which 1% of sales of select product goes to a nonprofit supporting the fight against climate change


Celebrating 30 years in business, Coyuchi is the leader in coastal-inspired organic luxury for bed, bath, and apparel. Committed to transparency, product innovation, and practices that limit harm to the environment and the people who live in it, Coyuchi carries certifications from GOTS, GOLS, Fairtrade, and Made Safe, but its efforts to take responsibility for its outputs go far beyond these standards. In 2020, Coyuchi became the first home brand to create a fully circular product through its renewal program, 2nd Home Take Back, which was honored for its impact by Textile Exchange in the 2021 Ryan Young Climate+ Awards for Climate Leaders. Now entering its fourth decade in organic textiles, Coyuchi aims to continue to innovate its products and business model to advocate for the health of the planet and its people, as demonstrated through its climate goals: net zero emissions by 2025, and net positive emissions by 2030.