Join Circularity - Say "No" To Waste

Every year, the US generates 21 billion pounds of post-consumer textile trash. We at Coyuchi are closing the loop on textile creation and saying “no” to waste. Because the planet isn’t disposable, and your linens shouldn’t be either.
Since 1991 we have been evaluating the full life of a product — from the farm or ranch where the fiber is produced to where that product goes at the end of its life. That’s why we use only organic cotton and other natural fibers, we actively work with industry partners to ensure environmental performance at our production facilities, and we’re continuing to expand our circular programs: Coyuchi for Life and 2nd Home by Coyuchi.
Why subscribe to Coyuchi for Life?
Eventually all goods — even the purest organic textiles — reach the end of their life cycles. Our innovative subscription service, Coyuchi for Life, keeps fresh linens in the home and finished linens out of landfills. It's so easy. Just select your cycle and package here, then enjoy fresh linens until you’re ready to send them back in return for a new set.
  • We use only GOTS Certified organic cotton and linen, which is better for the people that make it and the soil that is used to grow it
  • You are extending the life of organic textiles and reducing the amount of resources that go into making new products
  • Only 1% of the world’s cotton is organic and by choosing Coyuchi for Life you are increasing the demand for organic agriculture
  • You are supporting quality products in an accessible, responsible way
  • We recycle and up-cycle all of the used linens. We will find a second home for the used linens if they can’t be renewed
What is 2nd Home?
2nd Home by Coyuchi is our newest program that’s closing the loop on textile waste, offering customers the option to send their used Coyuchi linens back to us when they’re ready to move on using a prepaid shipping label. In return, they receive a 15% discount code to replenish their linen supply with something new. Ready to give your linens a Second Home? Simply start here >
What happens to the retired linens?
Once we receive retired linens from Coyuchi for Life and 2nd Home by Coyuchi , we send them along to our partners at The Renewal Workshop — a zero waste facility where used Coyuchi linens go to be upcycled, recycled, and renewed. The circular and sustainable solution to discarded apparel and textiles, The Renewal Workshop uses environmentally conscious methods to keep textiles out of the trash, and put them back in circulation.
  1. First, we determine if the product should be renewed, upcycled, or recycled. If it’s renewable, the linens are sent to be cleaned in the least wasteful and most effective way: with liquid CO2 to remove oils, particulates, and odor that degrade the product.
  2. If the product cannot be renewed, the material is upcycled into something new.
  3. If the material is too damaged to be used again, it is aggregated for recycling. Textile recycling is new to the home market, so Coyuchi is contributing research to a pilot program that addresses this growing need.
Coyuchi linens are made to last lifetimes, but when you are ready to move on to something new, you can feel your best knowing that the linens you've loved will never go to waste.

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