Organic Cotton

Airweight Towels

Simply put, we love cotton—so much so that we named our company after it. (“Coyuchi” is the Oaxacan word for naturally colored brown cotton.) In our book it’s the perfect fabric: natural, soft, durable and easy care. Our love affair with cotton began more than 20 years ago when we were the first company bring organic-cotton bedding to the United States. Though our product line has expanded beyond our signature bed linens, our cotton items are still made from 100% certified-organic cotton, sourced from the highest-quality fiber.

Grown in Turkey and India all of our cotton fiber conforms to the USDA organic certification, which means it’s entirely free of hazardous pesticides and fertilizers. Much of our cotton is grown by hand in India, the world’s largest producer of organic cotton, creating economic opportunity and thousands of jobs. We strive to support collectives of family farms whenever possible.

We hold our spinners, weavers and sewers to the same rigorous standards as our growers. Each of our cotton products is certified to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or OEKO-TEX standard and verified by third-party in-country auditors. Our textile manufacturers safeguard the environment during every step of the production process, from cleaning the fabric with natural enzymes and biodegradable soap to dyeing it with nontoxic, low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes that require less water, energy and dye material than other dyes. Every one of our production facilities operates under fair labor practices, so the people who make our products are never forgotten in the process.

At Coyuchi we don’t just stand by our commitment to the people and the planet but to the quality of our products. Our cotton sheets are made to generous specifications in India and Portugal, both leading textile manufacturers with long traditions of superior craftsmanship. We fabricate our finest towels in Turkey, a country whose name is synonymous with luxury bath linens. Our Cozy Cotton Blanket is meticulously fashioned in Germany, where precision engineering is esteemed above all.