Organically Grown

Coyuchi was the first to bring organic cotton linens to the market almost thirty years ago, and we continue to champion its benefits today. Not only is organic cotton naturally soft and strong—it’s free from pesticides and harsh chemicals, requires less water and energy to produce than conventional cotton, and contributes to healthier soil. Unfortunately, less than 1% of the world’s cotton is organic and access to this non-GMO seed can be difficult. We’re committed to growing the demand for organic.

According to Textile Exchange, an international nonprofit organization committed to a more sustainable textile industry, organic cotton is proven to cause less environmental damage than conventional cotton:

  • 46% reduced global warming potential
  • 70% less acidification potential
  • 26% reduced eutrophication potential (soil erosion)
  • 91% reduced blue water consumption
  • 62% reduced primary energy demand

Certain standards set the bar much higher than others:

Our cotton is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) because it is the highest standard in the world. Every step of the supply chain must be independently certified, from sowing through sewing, and all the way to your door. Our GOTS certified cotton products cut toxic chemicals out of the equation, keeping workers safe and bringing out the natural comfort of every yarn, weave, and finish we select.

Rare + Extraordinary: 100% Organic Linen makes up less than 1% of the world's already limited linen supply. Because it can only be planted on the same plot of land every 7 years, our farmers include it as part of their rotation of organic crops—including wheat, fava beans, alfalfa, and winter oats. Each crop replenishes the soil in a different way, allowing these farmers to continually produce organic food and fiber on their land.

Our latex is certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), which not only ensures that 95% of materials are organic by origin, but that there is also an identifiable path of sound environmental and ethical practices from start to finish.

The MADE SAFE® seal confirms that our product is free of any and all toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems.

Going Beyond Organic:

Our path toward Regenerative Agriculture starts with a firm organic foundation. Our partnership with White Buffalo Land Trust works toward a healthy future for the Earth. This means focusing on soil health and introducing biodiversity back into our farming practices.

Our partnership with Fibershed helps support regional farms and ranches by bringing the local movement to the textile industry. Fibershed works with independent producers—like The Jensen Ranch and Stemple Creek Ranch from which our Climate Beneficial Wool collection is sourced—to implement carbon farming practices that actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, creating climate beneficial fibers.

stack of cascade blanket, flannel sheets, mariposa blanket, presidio pillow cover and sateen sheets

Designed with Intent

Through purposeful design, organic farming, and conscious processing, Coyuchi linens are made to the highest standards of quality—so they work with your unique lifestyle and last for lifetimes. From each mitered corner and intricately designed hem length to our innovative finishing techniques that are easy on the Earth, every Coyuchi product is planned with a meticulous focus on long-term comfort, quality, and natural beauty. 

We care about the environmental impact of our production, as well as the lasting effects of textile waste. That’s why we’re the first to offer circular initiatives that keep our products out of landfills, and why we’re committed to reusable packaging and water conservation efforts.

  • The Coyuchi 2nd Home Take Back program invites you to send back your old Coyuchi linens via a pre-paid shipping label for 15% off your next order—and the peace of mind that your linens won’t end up in a landfill. 
  • The Coyuchi 2nd Home Renewed program cleans, mends, and resells the products received through the 2nd Home Take Back program at our store in Point Reyes Station.
  • Coyuchi has taken back 34,694 lbs of fabric. 83% of the product we’ve received from our customers can be mended, cleaned, and resold in our store.
  • We strive to decrease our plastic waste, reduce our impact on the environment, and encourage reuse by using 100% organic fabric bags to package all of our sheeting, quilts, and duvet covers.
  • We have reduced the size of our polybags by up to 59%, and introduced polybags made from 100% recycled pre-consumer waste for multiple products. We aim to be plastic-free by 2022.
  •  We work with factories that recycle 98% of their wastewater. 

Committed To People

For more than 29 years, we’ve focused on natural, organic, low impact textiles, because they’re healthier for the environment and for the people who make and use them. Much of our cotton is Fair Trade Certified™, which means that our partners provide traceable and transparent supply chains, and ensure sustainable livelihoods to the people who create our products. The premiums we pay go into an account that farmers and workers use as they choose, which is intended to close the gap between their wage and what is calculated to be the living wage in their area.

Chetna: We’re proud to partner with the Chetna Coalition, a supply chain network who supports sustainable farming communities in India.

1% for the planet: 1% for the Planet is a global network working together to contribute to the nonprofit environmental organizations of their choice. Our 1% for the Planet contribution goes directly toward our partnership with Fibershed—a network that helps combat climate change through carbon-neutral farming. These methods work to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil—making for healthier air AND soil.

Inspired by the Coast

Coyuchi was born along the western coastline of Point Reyes, California. This proximity to the water and its shores inspires both our designs and our actions. 

We began with organic farming, and over the decades Coyuchi has blazed the trail for beautiful and sustainable textile creation, adopting the strictest certifications for environmental and social protection...and now we have our eye set on regenerative agriculture for the future.

California is regenerative in its outlook—a lighthouse to look toward for new ideas and creative ways of doing things. Remembering where we came from helps to inform where we want to go.

Nature surrounds us, and we bear witness to the effects of pollution and climate change on the land that we call home. We can do better. And that’s why we push forward. This desire to commune with nature informs our design process. Welcoming the natural world into our spaces is healing, and each step honors nature and the beings who are a part of it.

The way we feel in our spaces affects our overall well-being as we move through the world. That’s why our skilled in-house design team is driven to create one-of-a-kind pieces with a rich history. Your unique connection to the natural world around you and within you can be articulated in how you put different colors and patterns together in your home. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to evolve alongside future collections, so that every Coyuchi item fits in with the home you’ve built. For your home today, and for generations to come.