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It's what we're made of.

Born along the rugged coasts of California 28 years ago, Coyuchi is forever inspired by the calming presence of beaches, bluffs, and ocean breezes. Our relaxed coastal aesthetic pulls subtle colors from the sea and mimics the nuanced textures and patterns of nature. Derived from the Aztec language of Nahuatl, the word “coyuchi” itself is rooted in ancient tradition. Referring to the color of cotton in its natural state — a dusty, bleached brown — “coyuchi” is at the root of the name “coyote”, alluding to the animal’s earthy-hued coat.

This reverence for the natural world drives us to combat the ever-present effects of climate change on our beaches, shores, and Earth as a whole. 10 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills every year — we’re taking aim at this wasteful cycle by introducing circular solutions with end-of-life in mind, and protecting the planet with the most innovative processes and products.

Our GOTS Certification is Organic because we meet the threshold of 95% or more organic content. Our unique ID under the certifier control union is 827969.


It's what we're made of.

Choosing an organic lifestyle is the simplest way to keep your home safe from toxic chemicals and by-products, and organic home textiles are a critical step in this process. An organic decision for your home helps to preserve our precious soil and waterways against the harmful effects of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and other conventional (non-organic) agricultural runoff that contributes to global warming, climate change, soil degradation, and pollution.

According to the Textile Exchange, organic cotton makes a major impact:
  • 46% reduced global warming potential
  • 70% less acidification potential
  • 26% reduced eutrophication potential (soil erosion)
  • 91% reduced blue water consumption
  • 62% reduced primary energy demand
It’s also a mindful move for the health and safety of the humans who devote their work-weeks to creating such meaningful products. That’s why we’re committed to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring the highest environmental and ethical standards for the coziest comforts in your home. In addition, about 20 percent of industrial water pollution is due to garment manufacturing (WRI), so it’s also vital to our mission that GOTS requires wastewater treatment, and we are constantly researching and supporting partners who support effective water recycling methods.

Consciously Processed.

It's what we're made of.

The rigor of organic production doesn’t stop in the fields. The Earth has blessed us with an abundance of rich, natural fibers to keep us warm, clothed, and comfortable in a full range of climates. We respect this gift by taking the path of minimal, mindful processing to finished textiles, preserving the natural qualities of the world’s cotton, linen, and wool. Our cotton comes from organic fields and ethically made processing, in accordance with the strictest processing standard for cotton, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Thanks to our partnership with Fibershed, a nonprofit benefiting regional farms and ranches, our Climate Beneficial Wool is sourced locally from Jensen Ranch and Stemple Creek Ranch, only 60 miles from our offices. Their innovative Carbon Farming practices are offsetting the emissions of 100 passenger vehicles every year. The path from organic fields to home sanctuaries can’t be contaminated by over-processed manufacturing or harmful dyes and chemicals, so we take every step to ensure that all processes are clean and respectful of the pure, natural beauty of every fiber.


It's what we're made of.

Our sheets aren’t made by machines alone. They require the hands and expertise of thousands of workers, whom we value for their part in our brand. We are constantly researching and adopting the most effective ways to put our values at the forefront of organic innovation. Our finished products are safe and healthy for the home, but we also strive to keep them safe and healthy for the farmers and factory workers who bring each blanket and towel to life.

Eventually all goods — even the purest organic textiles — reach the end of their life cycles. Our 2nd Home program provides an easy, environmentally effective way to send retirement-ready Coyuchi linens back to us to be renewed, upcycled, or recycled — never thrown away.

From organic farming methods and Fair Trade Certified factories to employee education and circular solutions to combat waste, we are always listening, learning, and finding new ways to put our ethics into action.

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