Welcome Home: Sunny Potrero

A neighborhood nestled on a sunny hill spotted with a mish-mash of Edwardian homes, modern stark structures, industrial warehouse spreads, and hip cappuccino nooks: Welcome to Potrero Hill, San Francisco. It is here that our multi-talented Product Manager Sevilla Granger resides, practicing her art and tending to the lush scape of her garden oasis.

How do you describe the style and design of your home?

Sevilla: Edwardian Eclectic meets early Danish Modern.

Q: What is your favorite room and why?

Sevilla: It depends on the time of day. In the morning I like the garden. It is very private and feels like a room of the house. In the afternoon I prefer the living room, which gets amazing light from the west. In the evening, I love entertaining friends in the dining room, which has the most beautiful original redwood paneling and displays my taxidermy collection.

Q: What influences your interior purchases?

Sevilla: For furniture, I always choose wood, but it's the lines that make the difference. Danish Modern from the 40's -50's often has exquisite subtle curves and gorgeous finishes on beautiful exotic wood grains. For textiles, it has to be soft, natural and organic (of course!). As an Artist, I have had the good fortune of trading work with many well known San Francisco Artists, so there is a good deal of artwork from my friends around the house. But ultimately I admire Mother Nature as the greatest Artist, and many decorative items in my home reflect that.

Above: Coyuchi Endless Embroidered Pillow in deep slate, Coyuchi Cozy Cotton Blanket in charcoal.

Q: Favorite time periods and architects?

Sevilla: I'm a huge fan of Julia Morgan and Joseph Eichler. It's tough because the vast majority of homes in SF are Victorian/Edwardian, so you kind of have to work with what you get.

Q: Who is your favorite interior designer?

Sevilla: Sean Quigley and the Paxton Gate team! They have a truly amazing way of bringing the natural world into a home.

Below: Coyuchi Ridgeline Dhurrie Pillow in indigo.