Turkish Cotton

In Turkey, public baths are breathtaking cathedrals of cleanliness, gathering places where people of all backgrounds come together to rest and rejuvenate. It's not surprising, then, that some of the world's best toweling comes from there, crafted from the country's exceptional local cotton. Turkey has long been known for long-staple cotton, meaning the individual fibers that make up the cotton boll are exceptionally long. That makes for stronger yarn, as well as smoother, more durable fabric. We use 100% organic Aegean cotton, the most long-staple Turkish cotton of all, for our Cloud Loom, Mediterranean and Sutro Stripe towels. That premium fiber makes Cloud Loom's unique, long-loop weave possible, creating terry that's exceptionally soft, fluffy and super-absorbent, while still being lightweight and fast-drying. To make the robe, our partner mill in Turkey takes the extra step of spinning the organic Aegean cotton using a proprietary Aerospin process that aligns those ultra-long fibers more uniformly and leaves air channels around them, for a wonderfully smooth, soft hand and amazing absorbency. .