Spring Equinox: Journey to Enlightenment

To embrace the season's equinox we will be hosting a live 30 minute mindful silence with three bowls of tea guided by Baelyn of All Matters Of Spirit, reflections and questions to follow. The meditation will begin March 20th at 10am PST on our Instagram story. 


Get prepared for the season with Baelyn's tips for embracing the equinox with heart + soul. 


Hello, my name is Baelyn. I travel to communities year-round in service to the ceremonial art of tea and devote my time to helping others awaken and remember the feeling of connection. Tea is a daily practice, which cultivates the meditative mind and awakens the heart, providing an opportunity to rest in silence, connecting to our Self and all that is around us. I also use sounds and songs, creating rhythms in community space so we can dance with the elements. Liberation is an act of self permission and devotional prayer. Dive in with me and let's awaken our wild spirit, returning to health and harmony with nature.


Reconnecting to the cycles.
It is an interesting thing to think about- how do we prepare for the Spring Equinox? The easiest is to first remember that the equinox is actually doing the preparing; we just need to tune in and listen. Nature will always signal and tell us exactly what to do! Here are some ways to take time to listen to her:


Go out into nature.
Go on a walk you like, whether it be around your neighborhood or in the mountains. Be observant. Notice the plants and trees: what stage are they in in their reawakening and bloom? Breathe the air and listen to the birdsong. Be aware of your body and movements as some of us are coming out of our own versions of hibernation. You can bring a blanket and a little basket with some food, a thermos of tea and even tarot cards if you like. Find a place in a park, under a tree, or on a trail and lay out your blanket. Spend the afternoon nourishing yourself, laying on the earth, and listening. Return to this place a few times as the season shifts and be observant of the changes.



In the home and body.
Spring is a time of renewal. It is a wonderful time to make space, whether in a garden for new seeds to be planted, or in your home. Spend some time cleaning up and paying attention to all the things you have in your home. Maybe it is time for some things to be let go of or passed on, making space for the unknown mystery of life to enter in. Eat cleansing/seasonal foods and springtime herbs... dandelion, nettle, parsley, or rosemary help to activate the digestive system, clearing out the wintery roots. Visit your local farmer's market and take notice of the new fresh vegetables and fruits that are available, and start shifting your daily diet to the season. Take nourishing baths with salts. Play, dance, laugh and sing, as the flowers are coming and it is time for spring!! 



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