Spring 2013 Shoot

Fog as thick as a cloud, wheels winding back and forth between old growth Oak, chasing the last moments of dawn's darkness, pastures dancing alongside the embossed road, my map promising only a few more turns until my destination: A hidden rustic gem, deep in the Sonoma hills. When arriving at our spring 2013 shoot location, it was evident only an organic mind could create such rare design and only skilled hands could construct such masterful forms. Stones stacked 4-feet tall border a long drive, each naturally selected to fit like a puzzle. Sunlight peering through spindly tree branches, casting spring's first warmth while grasping onto winter's last shadow. The home sits easefully on the mountainside, overlooking a deep grass valley, still colorless from a prior season's drought.

This hideaway heeds the natural formation of the land around it, listening to even the smallest moments of opportunity. Each window, walkway and door, surrenders itself to something much greater beyond it, connecting you to the earth.

The main entry way hinges two barn wood doors with wrought iron hardware. The vines have been un-kept lending art to the tan exterior of the walls, each side unique, overgrown, and perfect. When you step into the home, the furniture feels lofty and inviting. Reclaimed wood from South America forms giant seating areas. Stone and plasture meld together to form cement benches topped with linen fabrics and knitted pillows, each made by hand. There is nothing in this home that you can find in a store. Further more, there is nothing in this home that lacks purpose.

The property’s outdoor space lent the greatest amount of opportunity for our spring collection. The grounds housed furniture weathered by the California rain, tables sun-washed and splintered by Sonoma's heat. The result was a natural canvas that paired perfectly with our spring collection. An outdoor living room framed a large Eucalyptus, just right for our Sea Cliff Collection. Olive trees planted in rows provide a natural canopy for our Beneath The Trees Collection. Each product, new and old, seemed to be made for the land- as if this is where it belonged all along.

We felt it was a wildly succesful shoot and are pleased to share our experience through the images you will see throughout spring and summer. Enjoy!