Slide Ranch

slide ranch sign

This spring our company was given the opportunity to spend a day volunteering at Slide Ranch on the Marin Coast. The nonprofit organization is located on land that has a rich history in connecting people to food. The Miwok once fished and foraged for food at this site, and in the late 19th century Portuguese dairy farmers purchased the land and produced milk and butter for residents of San Francisco. In 1969, 134 acres of this fertile coastline were rescued from commercial development and purchased by the Nature Conservancy. Established in 1970, Slide Ranch was one of the first Park Partners in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. 

The mission of Slide Ranch is to connect the Bay Area with farm-based environmental education that focuses on the principles of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. By cooking, gardening, caring for animals and exploring country and coast, the staff teaches students and families the connection between their own choices, a healthy food system and a healthy, resilient environment.

Slide Ranch is committed to sustainable farming practices, coastal protection and land conservation. Visitors get a first hand experience learning about the benefits of farm-to-table food systems through classes on how to compost, plant, harvest and cook organic produce.

During our visit, we were given the opportunity to milk goats, feed chickens, explore tidepools and exercise our gardening skills by clearing an area of land for a big event they had coming up (see before and after photos below). More information and how to volunteer can be found here.

slide ranch lambs

slide ranch goat

slide ranch large sheep

slide ranch goat

slide ranch sheep in barn

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slide ranch Karen

slide ranch Angela

slide ranch Danielle

slide ranch lamb

slide ranch geese

slide ranch hill view

slide ranch ocean

slide ranch fluffy chicken

slide ranch bees


slide ranch before


slide ranch after