Beauty Sleep Reinvented With Latex

Proper sleep plays a vital role in our health and well-being, yet it’s something that’s so often sacrificed due to the demands of work, worries, and busy schedules. Our new line of organic latex pillows makes the quality of your sleep count and helps you rest easy with the customizable comfort of our innovative foam latex. Naturally firm and supportive, organic latex is hypoallergenic and eases common neck and back pains for a seamless, relaxing transition into slumber. Consciously crafted to repair your body while you sleep, these new latex basics are essential for a full circle wellness routine, which relies on a restful reset every night.

Coyuchi supports smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka who harvest natural rubber sap from Havea Brasiliensis trees. Many of these farmers have been tapping trees all their lives, earning a daily wage from our supply partners.

The trees can yield latex for up to 20 years — and are planted on old English tea plantations that are leased from the government. The plantations themselves are rain-fed and certified organic, so they’re free from the herbicides and pesticides that conventional farmers can use to increase yield. This keeps chemicals out of the soil and nearby waterways, which are already stressed by a long history of conventional (non-organic) agriculture.

Why Natural Latex: Comfort With Benefits
Natural latex takes time and patience to harvest — a slow and steady process that manifests as sublime comfort and relaxation once it’s been consciously crafted into our exclusive pillows. A single cup of raw rubber takes one entire day to fill, and each pillow requires the organic rubber from roughly 53 trees.

This precious product offers a breathable, supportive, and hypoallergenic alternative to traditional down or synthetic fillers. Organic latex provides superior ventilation, resists the growth of mold and mildew, and naturally repels allergen-filled dust mites. Unique to us, each pillow is protected by a 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton cover and filled with naturally derived, 100% GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex foam. It’s an innovative, organic way to make wellness a priority, with healthy bedding that makes going to bed the best part of the day.

Switching from down to latex?
While both natural fillers can be supremely comfortable, the support of these two materials feels very different. Plan on an adjustment period of several nights to get used to the resilient softness of your new organic latex pillow.

The Serenity Pillow: Rethinking the Meaning of Beauty Sleep
The SerenityTM Pillow redefines sleep support, providing an innovative and organic way to make wellness a priority — all through the night. Sleep is nature’s wellness routine, after all, and our new organic latex simply lets nature take its course.

Technology makes so many facets of life easier, but it’s not always easy on the body. The SerenityTM Pillow is consciously crafted with organic materials to repair the damage done by daily stressors like craning and slouching in front of screens. Pure, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic Dunlop latex is thoughtfully engineered to promote proper postural alignment, allowing the neck and spine to recover, and turn your fitful night of sleep into a restorative, restful slumber.

Three unique indentations for the head and ears alleviate pressure on the face and help align the spine so your airways stay open while you sleep. This innovative design prevents tossing and turning, and aims to reduce snoring as well as wrinkling of the face and neck. SerenityTM turns days spent at the desk or face-down on a smartphone into calm nights of recovery and well-being.

Organic Shredded Latex Pillow
This down-alternative pillow is filled with fluffy shreds of hypoallergenic, certified organic latex. You can scrunch and mold it to your ideal sleep shape, but it will stay lofty when poly-filled pillows go flat or down pillows need fluffing. Create custom support by unzipping the inner cover to rearrange or remove some of the fill.

Organic Latex Molded Pillow
Soft and resilient, our Molded Organic Latex Pillow offers medium-firm support that’s perfect for back and side sleepers. The organic latex insert gives you even comfort across the pillow. Your head sinks in comfortably, but with less give than a shredded latex, down, or poly-filled pillow. Thanks to its natural spring, the latex will hold its shape for many years.

Deciding between a Shredded or Molded Latex Pillow?
Shredded latex imitates the loft of a traditional down pillow. The fill is more malleable and adjustable, and your head will sink more deeply into the pillow — a similar feel to down. To create more support, you’ll need to stack pillows or fold them over. Molded latex pillows are more resilient and supportive — one is all you’ll need. The contoured insert feels smooth, supporting your head in soft, even comfort — and the pillow will retain its shape for years to come.

Organic Latex Travel Pillow
For eco-friendly comfort on the road, our neck pillow is made of organic latex covered in cozy organic cotton velour. It’s a natural alternative to conventional travel pillows, which are often filled with an array of toxic materials. Resilient organic latex creates a pillow that’s soft and squeezable, yet always springs back and wears extremely well over time. Use the cords to keep the pillow in place while you sleep or tie it to your luggage. An undyed organic cotton drawstring bag adds a layer of protection for packing or storage.

Organic Latex Junior Pillow
Perfect when you want just a whisper of a pillow, our Junior Organic Latex Pillow is a down-alternative made with soft and supportive, certified organic latex. This low-profile pillow is ideal for those who prefer a thinner pillow, for travel or camping, or for toddlers transitioning from crib to bed who aren’t yet ready for a full-size pillow. An undyed organic cotton twill bag with handles and a zip-top offers protection for travel or storage.

Organic Latex Throw Pillow
Insert Soft yet supportive, our plump throw pillow inserts are made with fluffy shreds of organic latex. They’re perfect for showcasing decorative shams on your sofa or giving structure to the look of your bed. Layered against your headboard or the wall, they offer a supportive base for sitting up in bed. Resilient organic latex filling gives these pillows a fuller look and a firmer feel than our down throw pillow inserts. Since they are made with shredded latex, you can scrunch or mold these pillows to suit, but they will always bounce back to their original shape.

Organic Latex Body Pillow
For full-body comfort, our organic latex pillow offers soft and resilient support so you can sleep more peacefully, with fewer aches and pains. Many side sleepers find that a pillow between their arms and legs relieves strain on the shoulder and hip joints, and pregnant women especially benefit from extra support to help prevent back pain. The certified organic, molded latex insert provides buoyant, breathable support so you can rest better — and the organic cotton cover is removable for easy washing.

Pillows provide some of the most intimate comforts in your home — they snuggle right up against your face, night after night. Conventional bedding is commonly treated with toxic dyes, chemicals, and softeners that have no business coming in contact with your skin. While it doesn’t need to be organic to be comfortable — it does help you to sleep easier knowing that your extraordinary comfort isn’t off-gassing toxins into your home and body, or the environment. Comfort is so much better when it comes from a clean, natural place — like Coyuchi.

We are always innovating, in search of the most sustainable ways to bring organic goods into the home that’s why not only are these thoughtfully made they are also thoughtfully packaged. All of our pillows come in reusable fabric bags. It took us over a year to perfect the design for the SerenityTM Pillow and its fellow latex counterparts, and we’re so proud to walk down this unique new avenue of organic comfort. Sleep is too important to skimp on — let GOLS-certified organic latex lull you off to a healthier, restorative slumber