Screenless Saturday

Disconnect to Reconnect: We're Giving Screenless Saturday a Try


Photo: Ha Long Bay, from 99 Travel Tips


Computers, cell phones, tablets, televisions, game consoles, GPS units…it seems that screens are everywhere we look, all day long. And while we're looking at them, we tend to not be looking at each other (video chats aside) or at the world around us. Which means we're missing a lot – a lot of smiles and opportunities to smile… a lot of flowers, sunsets, stars, clouds…a lot of playing with dogs and climbing hills…a lot of life. So in order to be more present in our lives we're launching Screenless Saturday, one day each week when we log off and turn away from our glowing, blinking devices and toward each other, or ourselves, towards nature. After Saturday, we ask that you share a photo of what you did during your day so as a community we can inspire eachother to unplug.


What will we do with a whole screenless day?

Here are just a few ideas we're knocking around.


• Take a hike in the woods, a walk near the water or a stroll through a new neighborhood.

• Check out a local farmer's market.

• Whip up a batch of something to freeze for weeknight dinners; cook with friends and split up the batches for more variety (and fun!).

• Tackle one well-defined project (organize the hall closet...paint the front door...hang a birdfeeder...).

• Write someone an actual letter and put it in the mail.

• Take on a new hobby, such as woodworking, ceramics, weaving or painting (check your local community college or parks and recreation department for classes).

• Help a neighbor.

• Plant something.

• Take an off-the-grid weekend get-away

Volunteer in your community. 

• Read a book.

• Visit a museum or gallery.

• Try rowing, yoga, ballet, running -- any activity that stretches and strengthens you, body and spirit.

• Rediscover the joy of simply playing.


How would you spend a Screenless Saturday? Upload your photo to Instagram using #screenlessaturday. We will also be posting images submitted to our Pinterest board. Not on Instagram? That's okay, just send your photo to and we will post it for you.