Coyuchi x Restival Giveaway

Restival: A Journey Of Self-Discovery

When we first heard of Restival, we were intrigued by not only the name but the mission it stands for. Founder Caroline Jones was inspired by the initiative to celebrate deep, nourishing rest while building community during a journey of self-discovery. Restival is an experience created to unplug from the modern world and nourish the body and mind, which is a perfect compliment to Coyuchi's mission for healthier sleep. The best rest occurs when we sleep in minimally processed, organic fibers, free of toxic chemicals found in conventional products. Our designs are inspired by the peacefulness of the coast and evoke a feeling of calmness and tranquility. We believe in giving yourself space to dream and Restival believes in giving you the time.
Want to lie in an organic Coyuchi bed under a star speckled sky? Enter to win a 5 nights stay to the September 21st Restival event for you and a friend. Unplug from your day to day to rest in Coyuchi organic bedding and bath while nourishing your body with organic meals, yoga and community.

A Q+A with founder Caroline Jones

Tell us a little bit about yourself + your history. 
I grew up in the live music industry. Running a live music venue in London for a few years then running my own events company in London for 10 years.

When did you realize there needed to be an event like Restival? 
When I realized London was addicted to the smart phone. Restival was created as a wellness experience somewhere in the middle of the worlds of festivals and retreats.  It combines the best of both, in nature, with indigenous cultures to bring us back to what’s really important.  The trigger was watching people on London Underground trying to send emails when there was no signal.  Everyone seems so attached to their mobile devices I find it troubling. They’re missing out on so much. 

Can you explain a little bit about the process of bringing your vision to life? 
It’s been an interesting journey.  We first took Restival to the Sahara Desert then onto the Arizona Desert.  We have learned about tribes along the way and continue to build an understanding of the wisdom of indigenous populations. I’ve also grown closer to nature as a result.  

How is Restival different than other retreats? 
We work with indigenous populations to provide their ceremonies and wisdom to the experience. We are the world’s first Wellness Festival.  We celebrate life without having to take people out of themselves in this party.  It is uniquely positioned to sit between a retreat and a festival. 

How did you decide to cap the event at 80 people?
Because we want to preserve the intimacy of the event. Also people tend not to mix with strangers when the numbers tip over into the 100’s.  Intimacy enables people to build connections with others, safely. 

What do you believe are unique gains that each attendee walks away with after experiencing Restival? 
Restival is a transformational opportunity. You’re so far away from the modern world, the land reinstates your humanity, introduces you to new friends from different cultures and changes your world view.  People leave connected, kinder, happier and changes occur in their lives after Restival – we’ve had two marriages and one child born!  

Here is a list from a guest:

1. Reminded me how much I enjoy being in my own company
2. Made me feel strong
3. Made me feel independent
4. Taught me how connected we are to nature
5. Showed me how beautiful human connections can be
6. Made me more patient
7. Made me less judgmental of others
8. Made me more appreciative of my journey
9. Taught me the physical and mental value of yoga and meditation
10. Made me more trusting in myself and my capabilities

Do you recommend coming to Restival alone? With a friend?
Either - with a friend is a brilliant adventure. Coming solo is transformational. You have freedom to change, whomever joins you. Most people who attended both Restivals have stayed in touch with one another.  They often go and visit one another in different countries. We create a strong network of people who no longer are isolated by technology because Restival is a family.

Can you tell me about a special moments you've had at one of the events?
Listening to the NASA Navajo Astronomer talk about the cosmic order of the universe from the Native American perspective around a campfire beneath a full moon surrounded by Navajo elders. 

What are some exciting ways that the festival changes each year? Are you ever surprised by these changes?
We bring different practitioners and coaches to each event. Also, create a theme for each event. This year’s theme is sound - we’re going to explore the sound of nature, the sound of silence, the sound of drums, the sound of the universe, etc.

How do you believe sleep + rest influences the other areas of your life?
Societal changes are influencing our sleep patterns. Overuse of technology late at night, work related stress, social media and other factors combine to reduce the amount of time we sleep and rest. Without a regular sleep pattern, our decision making ability is impaired, we overeat and can become over emotional.  Good rest influences every aspect of our lives. I spend one day a month in bed. No computer, no cell phone, just a book and complete rest once a month. Its essential to me. I also meditate which gives me profound rest. 

How does an organic bed fit into the Restival mission?
Restival is part of the Positive Luxury portfolio of brands with sustainable credentials. Restival is working towards becoming 100% sustainable, in every way. Organic cotton, sustainable power, water, etc all contribute to an eco lux environment. We ensure that nothing is thrown away. All the food is reused – either we donate it to the local farm or recycle it in the kitchen garden. 

What is your long term vision + dream for Restival?
We hold Restivals off the grid around the world, in partnership with different tribes. Rooftop Restival comes to cities around the world and we host weekenders one hour out of a city for people to digitally detox over a weekend. 

Final thoughts?
The world is changing, it’s important to recognize that what is occurring causes some confusion and bewilderment. Restival is a beacon of positivity in these challenging times. It gives you permission to enter a magical new world where the first nation teach us about mother earth, so that we return home rejuvenated, happy and with a new set of friends called the Restival family.