Linen at Its Most Relaxed


It's no wonder people have chosen to sleep in linen for thousands of years. The long, lustrous fibers of the flax plant give it wonderful drape and softness, and natural variations in their width create a subtly slubbed texture that feels fantastic. Fresh off the loom, in its natural, unstarched state, linen can absorb many times its weight in moisture without feeling damp.

And, since it draws that moisture away from your skin and lets it evaporate, it feels airy and cool in hot, humid weather and cozy and warm in cold, damp weather, to keep you comfortable year round. What's more, linen is durable, washable, static-free and non-allergenic. Oh, and did we mention it's incredibly eco-friendly?


Point Reyes PJ Set


In short, it's pretty much ideal for bedding and sleepwear. We're proud to say that our linen makes the most of this ancient fabric's amazing qualities. Woven from European flax, it's pre-washed and never starched, so it starts off soft and drapey and only gets better with each laundering. We love the organic, natural look of its crinkles and creases – like ripples on water or wind-ruffled sand – so we wouldn't iron them out, even if we could. And that means it's low-maintenance, too; just wash your Coyuchi linen on cold and line dry or lightly tumble low it to keep it looking perfectly relaxed and invitingly rumpled.

For sleeping and lounging, we offer our Point Reyes chemise, classic pajamas and short PJs, too, plus our terry-lined linen robes for women and men. Our linen bedding options include sheets, duvet covers, a blanket and even decorative pillows, so you can dress the bed in pure linen from top to bottom if your heart desires. Of course, if you love to sleep in crisp percale or buttery sateen, you can start with your favorite organic cotton sheets and layer linen on top. And, if you crave cozy, weighty covers in winter, you can add a wool or cotton blanket when the nights turn cool. We designed our linen bedding to coordinate beautifully with everything else Coyuchi offers, so you can use it to create the perfect bed for you, season after season.




Relaxed Linen Bed Collection