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Why It's So Rare & Why Coyuchi Is Among the First to Offer It

Linen has always been a uniquely earth-friendly fiber because flax – the plant from which it’s made -- is an inherently eco-conscious crop. Hardy and pest-resistant, it needs very little in the way of fertilizers and chemicals to thrive, and little or no irrigation during growth. Additionally, in France and Belgium, where the flax that becomes our linen is grown, the fibers are extracted via a traditional process called "dew-retting" or "field retting," in which the stalks are spread on the ground and the dew, rain and sun help to break them down, so no chemicals are required, and no water is wasted (unlike tank or pool retting).

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Many companies would be content with that level of eco-consciousness, and – honestly? –most would accept a lot less. But we wanted our linen to be certified organic. Truly organic linen is rare because flax is not a huge industry, and organic flax makes up only a tiny percentage of the overall output. Many of the farms from which our flax is sourced raise other crops as well, rotating them through their fields with each new growing season. To ensure that our linen is truly organic, we need to know that the crops grown in that soil before and after our flax are organic, too.

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So, by making the commitment to organic for our Linen Sheets, Linen Duvet, and Linen Minimalist Sets, our linen kitchenwareand other products yet to come, we're supporting farmers that grow organic food crops, as well, -- including wheat, legumes, fava beans, alfalfa, and oats. It's a bit more expensive for us, but it's also more profitable for the farmer. And, as organic farms thrive, their success makes a compelling case for other farms to ditch the toxic chemicals, too.

Linen Sheeting

Knowing our commitment to organic linen may help to bring positive change to an entire system makes the challenge and expense worthwhile. Plus, organic linen is even kinder to the planet (and healthier for you) than conventional linen, while being every bit as beautiful, durable for year-round comfort. We call that a win for everyone.

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