Natural Spectrum

Meet the new Ombre Cotton and Wool Throw: a lightweight throw made in Germany of the softest nautral wool and organic cotton. We drew inspiration from the modern coloring technique that has popped up in the works of designers and interiors, from walls and staircases to bags and dresses; a natural color progression that reminds us of surrounding landscapes.



What does the word ombre mean?

The design term ombre refers to the French word ombrer, meaning shade. It is used to describe fabrics with a dyed, printed or woven design in which the colour is graduated from light to dark and often in stripes of varying shades. To achieve the slightly unique look of our new Ombre Cotton and Wool throw, we took this modern design application and developed it in muted, natural colors. The result is a spectrum of rich to quiet tones, in warm and cool shades, and made of the most luxurious fibers. The throw's wool is sourced from Germany, and is mixed with GOTS certified organic cotton for lightweight warmth. 


Two artisanal ombre looks we love...

Dip Dyed Table Napkins | GOLDMINE

Charlotte, North Carolina: We love the photographer/chef combo behind Goldmine's journal. Weekly post include recipes, playlists and do-it-yourself weekend projects. Here is Goldmine's step-by-step DIY dip dye napkins for an ombre look on the table. Heads up: this project should be done outdoors. 


This DIY calls for RIT dye in denim blue. We recommend using a natural dye. Click here for a list of plant based dyes that can be made at home.


12 or so white cotton napkins


Spoon or tongs



  • Create a natural dye of your color choice.
  • Dip your napkins in not quite half way. Leave them in for about 10 minutes (if using a plant based dye, keep them in longer). The ombre effect happens naturally.
  • Hang them to dry and then rinse them out with a water hose. Allow to dry before use. You may want to wash them alone for a couple of washes before mixing them with other things.

Ombre Clay Vases | Carriage Oak Cottage

Raleigh, North Carolina: This handmade, cylindrical vase is made of a glass interior, which is coated with a rock-solid concrete and stucco mixture and then painted with varying shades to create an ombre design. “My vases are rustic in appearance, many with textured, ridged surfaces. They have a folk art charm with a modern edge.” See more of Carriage Oak Cottage's designs including an assortment of fall ombre vases, collected here.

For more ombre inspiration, have a peak at our pinterest board found here.