Bedroom Detox

Did you know that the average bedding company often uses harmful chemicals in their production as a means to save on cost? Given that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, at Coyuchi we believe in researching, planning and investing in options that are safer for you and yours, as well as for the planet. Our dedicated product team is continuously educating our company as new studies and options become available, and apply our latest findings to our production process. Some recent + progressive changes we have made is with the launch of our new Organic Linen, our low-impact dyes and, coming in spring, our safest plant-based dye method yet: biosoft.

Coyuchi upholds rigorous quality control throughout our entire production cycle to screen for chemicals that are toxic to flora, fauna or you - so you don't have to. Our guiding principle: intentionally banning hazardous and regulated chemicals by working with suppliers that purchase chemicals that adhere to the most reputable organizations' standards (AAFA RSL, GOTS, and Oekotex).
There is no time like a new season to detox your space. Explore our basics to start building your healthy home.

Your Coyuchi products are free of:
PAH, phthalates, Bisphenol A and all other plasticizers with endocrine disrupting potential
Ammonium compounds
Short-chain chlorinated paraffins 
Heavy metals
Endocrine disruptors
Chlorinated benzenes
Flame retardants
Aromatic and/or halogenated solvents
Formaldehyde and other short-chain aldehydes
Genetically modified organisms (GMO) 
Chemicals that are toxic to flora
Chemicals that are toxic to fauna
Chemicals that are toxic to soil organisms
Chemicals that may cause long-term adverse effects in the environment
Learn more about our standards + certification here.