It's what were made of. Coyuchi's New Look.


Spring is a time of renewal, and Coyuchi is following suit with a fresh new look. Inspired by nature and the raw beauty of our coastal home, we've refreshed our brand to reflect more of the simple, relaxed elegance found wherever water meets the land.

Though our aesthetic may evolve, the soul of our brand remains true. We continue to use minimally processed fibers and responsible production practices to ensure everything we create reflects our core ideals: sustainability, organic & natural fibers and a truly human commitment to the hands that touch each product. For us it’s more than a philosophy, it's what we’re made of. 

We are also excited to launch Coyuchi for Life, an innovative subscription service that allows you to enjoy new towels, sheets and duvets, and ensure that your old ones don’t get sent to a landfill. We are the first in the home industry to offer customers a new way to replace responsibly. It’s this kind of circular, sustainable, conscious way to create and consume that makes Coyuchi uniquely committed to people and our planet – a commitment we renew with every product, every season,every year.

Eileen Mockus,


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